The Bold Type season 4 episode 4 review: Definitely NOT a cocktail party

Galentine’s Day has probably never been so intimate. Here’s what went down on this week’s sexy episode of The Bold Type.

Get ready, kids: We’re about to say the words “sex club” way more than you’d ever expect to encounter in one recap. It was a wild week on The Bold Type.

Most Galentine’s Days include wine, cheesy movies, maybe a boyfriend bonfire — you know how it goes. But for Kat, Jane, and Sutton, Galentine’s Day 2020 was all about vibrators and sex clubs.

Well, just one sex club. But a lot happened because of it.

Freeform has released articles written by the characters before, but do you think they’ll release the episode of “Ask Alex Live” that the women co-hosted with him after visiting the club? Because I need that in my life.

More than just giving them a podcast, though, this week’s episode gave Jane an opportunity to try and get Ryan’s motor running again, while also writing a piece for Scarlet, because that’s just how Jane’s life goes at this point.

For what it’s worth, isn’t Sage the designated sex and relationships writer at Scarlet? Sure, she may be handing out boxes of free vibrators to sample, but Jane’s last two pieces have kind of been stealing Sage’s thunder, haven’t they?

The writers play it off as Jane filling in this week just because Sage is dealing with a bit of a flare-up down below, but still, odd.

Regardless of how Jane got the assignment, it’s hers now. Conveniently, it’s a great follow-up to her piece on the tantric sex marathon she and Ryan had, and he gets to help on this one too! But on that note…

What has happened to the Pinstripe we knew? This is the guy who wrote a piece called “How To Get Your Girlfriend To F*%k Like A Porn Star,” and now he’s squirrelly about going to sex club with his girlfriend?

An argument can be made that this indicates that he has matured in the two and a half years we’ve known him (assuming the show’s timeline is sticking to real life). I’d be inclined to agree with that, but then he turned around and did the boy thing.

You know, the “You say you’ve forgiven me, but I don’t think you really have,” no matter how many times Jane outright says she’s forgiven him thing. At first, he might’ve been right. But after their talk in last week’s episode, Jane seemed truly better having gotten all of the information.

Still, Ryan is in his head, and he’s not sure how to get past it. Maybe Jane going to this sex club on her own and kissing another guy will do it. Because logic, I guess.

Thankfully, she doesn’t go by herself and we’re treated to all the glory that is Kat and Sutton also in a sex club. Luckily for both of them, it provides a breakthrough. Kat figures out a way to promote female self-love, and Sutton nails her first fashion influencer Instagram post.

The most shocking aspect of the night — once you got past the whole sex club thing to begin with — is that, in one of the more stunning moves Jane has made in this series, she actually takes Ryan up on his unspoken offer and does indeed kiss another man.

It means nothing, and genuinely feels terrible to her, but the fact that she even did it shows how Jane has changed since we met her. She’s stepping out of her comfort zone left and right, and it’s just plain fun to see.

Naturally, Ryan ends up showing, hoping to talk. Jane sidesteps talking, dragging him into a bed. He seemed pretty set on something though, so I’m not sure Janestripe is out of the woods just yet.

Jacqueline and Ian certainly aren’t either, as she finds a photo posted to his Instagram – with another woman. They seem to be headed for certain disaster.

Richard and Sutton on the other hand are great. Thanks to Sage’s box of goodies, the long-distance relationship just got much easier, and MUCH more satisfying. That, on top of finding her influencer persona? Sutton’s about to be thriving.

Things are even moving forward on the romantic front for Kat as she hops back onto Tinder. (Still, putting Adena in the “previously on” recap was just a cruel tease).

The best part of all of this is that we aren’t even halfway through the season yet, thanks to that 18-episode order this year.

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