Galentine’s Day, the Greatest Thing that Parks and Recreation Gave Us


Galentine’s Day is an important day for women. You get to all go out and celebrate your friends, and Leslie Knope and Parks and Recreation gave us that.

Parks and Recreation gave us a lot through the years. From Treat Yo Self to a wonderful song about L’il Sebastian, the show was revolutionary and continues to be relevant. But the greatest gift it ever gave us was Galentine’s day.

Now, to be fair, Galentine’s day existed (probably) before this but it was Parks and Recreation that gave it a name. We learned all about the joys of female friendship and how sometimes, those are the most important relationships in our lives.

Listed as the “best day of the year” by Leslie Knope herself, Galentine’s day is just about taking the women who mean the most to you out and celebrating those relationships in your life. So much of our lives are dedicated to our boyfriends and girlfriends that we forget how important our friends can be.

Relationships may come and go, girl friends can stay forever. So go out with your beautiful starfish of a best friend. Or just get a group of girls to go out and do something together. That’s what this day is about and we all need to make Leslie Knope proud.

She’d want us all to have one day to appreciate each other. After all, that’s why Galentine’s day got invented in the first place.

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Thank you, Leslie Knope, for teaching us all about the importance of friendship. Galentine’s day is here because of you and we love you for it. So go out today and celebrate with those girls who love. We all deserve it.