Travel Tuesday: 5 Vacation ideas inspired by Oscar nominees

While the 92nd annual Academy Awards winners have been announced, these five vacation ideas inspired by this year’s Oscar nominees will have you booking a trip.

After all the glitz and glamour of the 2020 Academy Awards fades, those amazing films can inspire some of the most impressive vacation ideas for the avid movie fan. Although these vacations might not be a visit to the exact location where each film was set, the idea is to channel the feelings, ambiance and intrigue that these movies gave audiences.

For many people, movies are more than just a couple of hours of escapism. Those sweeping vistas, poignant moments and thrilling scenes inspire people long after the credits roll. In some cases, it can be the spark for that next big vacation idea.

Recently, Vacasa compiled some vacation ideas based on various Oscar nominees. These vacation rental ideas sparked some serious vacation envy. From an escape to a peaceful lake to the luxury of the vineyard, these vacation ideas are just the travel inspiration that everyone can appreciate.

While Vacasa has made some specific vacation home recommendations, the vacation ideas can expand from those recommendations. Here are a few more inspired travel destinations based on five Oscar nominated films.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Palm Springs

Even though it is a short drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a desert oasis. From the art deco hotels to the fabulous restaurants, there is sense of glitz and glamour around every turn.

Plus it can be a great locale to people watch. Although you might want to keep those sunglasses on why you look all around, there is so much to see and do. Maybe you can channel your own old Hollywood vibe by dressing the part and assuming a new persona.

Or better yet, grab a cocktail and just relax by a pool. After all, a vacation is all about putting your cares away. Isn’t that the ultimate Hollywood dream?

Jojo Rabbit – Prague

While the comedic moments make the Nazi backdrop more palatable, Prague is an amazing city to visit for a variety of reasons. One stunning aspect to this historic city is the baroque architecture. From the Prague Castle to the Astronomical Clock, there are many significant pieces that are part of cultural history.

For many travelers, cost is key. Luckily visiting Prague can be cost effective. When trying to cross off a variety of bucket list locales, cost can be a factor behind travel ideas.

Ford vs. Ferrari – Northern Italy

Although you might not be driving a Ferrari around sharp turns, Northern Italy is stunning location that will take your breath away. From the stunning mountains to the crystal clear lakes, the region is bursting with epic views.

Of course, car fanatics will want to visit the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello. But, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake. The beautiful scenery, contrasting mountains a pristine water will make you wish for a slow stroll versus a high adrenaline race.

Little Women – Concord, Massachusetts

The story is a classic for a reason. Beyond that iconic story, the believed setting in Concord, Massachusetts is steeped tradition and history.

Thoreau and Emerson will inspired by the idyllic Walden Pond. The Battle of Lexington and Concord impacted American History. While people will always debate which is mightier, the pen or the sword, this city is the perfect place to explore that question.

Joker – Chicago

Although those infamous Joker steps are located in Brooklyn, the “Gotham City” might also be Chicago, the Windy City. Several DC Comics movies have been filmed in the city of big shoulders.

Why not pick a location on the Magnificent Mile and explore the city’s history. From the gritty side of Chicago mobsters to the iconic Museum Campus including the Art Institute and Field Museum, Chicago is more than a second city.

Plus, you can recreate some movie moments on your own. From Transformers to the Ferris Bueller’s Day off, there are many reasons to plan a trip to Chicago.

These vacation ideas are just a few of the many trips that can be based on this year’s Oscar nominated films. There is always another reason to pack a bag and experience a new adventure.

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What inspires you to travel? Do some of the year’s best films make you want to pack a bag?

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