8 Oscar nominated films inspire epic vacation destinations


This year’s Oscar nominated films can inspire epic vacation destinations. From an exotic locale to a weekend getaway, it’s time to pack your bags!

Oscar-nominated films span a wide breadth of stories, cultures and locales. From a hidden African paradise to a historical trip across the U.S., there’s plenty of inspiration for epic vacation destinations. While the eventual Oscar winner hasn’t been announced yet, these eight epic vacation destinations are all winners for any travel enthusiast.

This year’s Oscar best picture nominees are a diverse group. From box office smash hits like Black Panther to the emotional Roma, these inspired vacation locales could offer memorable moments long after you return from that trip. While a luxurious hotel is always a great choice, sometimes a local vacation rental property could offer a more authentic experience.

Here are eight epic vacation destinations inspired by this year’s Oscar-nominated films.

Helicopter view, Bloukrans Bridge. Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Tom Booth

Black Panther – Western Cape, South Africa

While Wakanda is fictional, a lush African landscape can be found in Western Cape, South Africa. Although South Africa has numerous safari experiences and bustling metropolitan areas, the Western Cape area is filled with luscious landscapes.

Since Black Panther has a message of strength and fearlessness, a trip to Bloukrans Bridge could be a momentous vacation memory as it features the world’s highest bridge bungee jump.

While a luxurious hotel or exotic safari lodge is an option, other local vacation homes are available. One recommended place to stay is Kingswood Mountain View. Conveniently located to the bungee jump, this location offers modern luxury that any Wakandan would appreciate. As the old saying says, you may leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you.

Colorado Springs vacation home. Photo Credit: Vacasa

BlacKkKlansman – Woodland Park, Colorado

Having finally earned an Oscar nomination, the Spike Lee film about a Colorado Springs Policeman infiltrating the KKK has hit a chord with today’s challenging political and social landscape. The story is based on the real life events of Ron Stallworth, and those inspired by his story may want to visit Woodland Park, Colorado to experience actual historic sites.

While the Colorado Springs area offers a variety of places to stay, consider a spot with rustic appeal. Although no one wants an old, tired spot for their vacation, a stay in a classic, log cabin could be a way to channel the older time period without sacrificing luxury.

Artist retreat in Washington. Photo Credit: Vacasa

Bohemian Rhapsody – Artist’s Retreat, Washington

While a trip to England could be the perfect way to celebrate the musical legend, Freddie Mercury, a different spin on the iconic artist could be a less expensive Oscar-inspired vacation destination.

Queen and Freddie Mercury were true artists and a visit to an artist’s retreat could spark some creativity in your life. Sometimes a vacation with some solitude could be all you need to clear your mind and find that inner artist.

One creative getaway within the United States is a trip to Bainbridge Island, Washington. This particular vacation home offers a perfect cottage retreat to channel your inner rock star. From playing in front of the fire to finding inspiration in nature, this little getaway could fulfill your rock god fantasy.

The Brooklyn Estate. Photo Credit: Vacasa

The Favourite – The Brooklyn Estate in Maryland

Have you ever wondered what it could be like to stay in a castle? While some castles in Europe offer that experience, that vacation can come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, this vacation property offers the castle-like experience closer to home.

While the location, the Brooklyn Estate in Maryland, conveys some aspects of this humorous look on the aristocracy, a few items will have to be left up to your imagination. The elaborate gowns, numerous servants and occasional conniving are left just to the movie. Still, a stay in a real castle could be a dream come true.

Historic rental home in Texas. Photo Credit: Vacasa

Green Book – Silver Lining 1898 in Fredericksburg, Texas

Green Book has earned wide praise for its exploration of the real-life struggles that African-American people faced while traveling across the United States. While the Green Book does exist and some of its locations are still in existence, other locations can reference this story as well.

While some bed and breakfast locations offer a historic take, the communal nature isn’t always appreciated by all types of travelers. In Fredericksburg, Texas, this historic rental home is a converted bed and breakfast. The home, dating back to the early 1900s, offers all the history with modern amenities. Plus, Fredericksburg offers a wide array of historic character.

Colonia Roma. Photo Credit: Vacasa

Roma – Mexico City

The Netflix movie, Roma, is a semi-autobiographical epic about life in the Colonia Roma district in Mexico City. Considered the historic center, the area has gone through numerous changes. In the movie, the 1970s had a very different appearance than the area today.

Now, La Roma is considered the hipster area of Mexico City. Home to some of Mexico’s best restaurants in the world and numerous galleries, the current area is different from the upheaval portrayed in this movie.

Still, La Roma in Mexico City has many home rentals that can capture the spirit of the movie. Staying in the middle of this area could give an authentic Mexican vacation experience, instead of the beach resorts that many people seek.

Palm Desert vacation home. Photo Credit: Vacasa

A Star Is Born – Palm Desert, California

Who isn’t obsessed with the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie? While the normal person may not be able to sing “Shallow,” everyone can explore Indio, California. Indio is where Ally and Jackson performed.

Although Palm Desert offers numerous resorts, a private retreat could channel your inner rock star. And who knows, you may even spot a few who are using this desert retreat as an escape from the bustle of Hollywood.

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 05: The U.S. Capitol Building seen on February 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. President Trump delivers his State of the Union address tonight in Washington, a week after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi withdrew her initial invitation because of the partial government shutdown. (Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

Vice – Washington, D.C.

Putting aside political affiliations, Vice has been deemed a must watch movie. Christian Bale totally transforms himself into Dick Cheney, and Sam Rockwell is a convincing George W. Bush. The film touches on several historic moments in Cheney’s life as well as Bush’s presidency.

Seeing as the film is all about politics, we’d recommend a weekend to the country’s capital. There are numerous tourist options, from visiting historic buildings to dining at decadent restaurants frequented by the nation’s top politicians.

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Inspired to plan an epic vacation destination based on an Oscar nominated film? Where did that film inspire you to go?