Here’s everything we know about The Walking Dead: World Beyond so far

The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC
The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC /

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to be a new type of show for the franchise, and it will be here soon. Here’s your guide to the spin-off series.

Recently, the series premiere date for The Walking Dead: World Beyond was announced as April 12. As fans likely already know, that’s the same night as the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead, so it’s probable that World Beyond will air after the season finale of TWD.

It was also announced that World Beyond will be a limited series that will only run for two seasons. It’s the first time that the franchise has done any kind of limited or short-form storytelling within the TWD Universe, and fans are already speculating that the new spin-off will act as a bridge leading to the theatrical release TWD film.

Here’s the full trailer for TWD World Beyond, which was released in the fall of last year:

TWD: World Beyond is moving into uncharted territory for the franchise. It’s set in a new location with new characters, and it has a connection to a much larger world that hasn’t been seen before. Scott Gimple has hinted at crossovers though, so it’s possible that the World Beyond characters could cross to other shows at the end of its two-season run, or that characters from TWD or FearTWD could cross into World Beyond.

The first important thing to note about TWD: World Beyond is that the timeline of the show is just about concurrent with the timeline on TWD. According to Gimple, World Beyond is slightly behind the original show but not enough behind that anyone would really notice it. So that means that it’s about 10 years into the apocalypse.

The Setting

World Beyond is set in Nebraska, specifically in and around the campus of Nebraska State University. The other two shows have been centered mainly in rural locations, with Alexandria and the other communities being the largest settlements that the survivors have come across. The trailer indicates that there are more than 9,000 survivors at the NSU location which will be the largest community that has been shown so far.

The Characters

The lead characters for World Beyond are all young adults and are a diverse group. The primary story arc centers on sisters Iris and Hope Campbell, played by Aliyah Royale and Alexa Mansour. Hope was adopted by the Campbells. Other main characters include:

Felix: Felix is a mentor to the younger members of the group. He teaches them how to protect themselves outside the walls and teaches them some valuable life lessons too. Felix is one of the few openly gay lead characters in TWD universe and is played by non-binary actor Nico Tortorella.

Huck: Huck is played by Annet Mahendru and is a friend of Hope’s and the other kids in the group. He’s one of the people who leaves the safety of the university with them.

Silas: Silas is played by Hal Cumpston. He’s always been kind of a misfit, but he is loyal to his friends and anxious to experience the world beyond the gates.

Elton: Elton is played by Nicolas Cantu. He’s the smallest member of the group, but in some ways, the wisest. He’s a black belt in karate, taught by Felix, and his keen insights are essential to the group’s dynamic.

Elizabeth: Not too much is known about Elizabeth except that she’s a leader in CRM, the mysterious paramilitary group that keeps popping up in TWD and FearTWD. Elizabeth is played by veteran TV and film actress Julia Ormond.

The Story

Hope and Iris’ father has left the security of the University and gone to help other communities by sharing his talents and knowledge. The NSU site is one of three communities that are connected somehow, so he may have gone to one of the other communities.

Hope and Iris want to find him and learn for themselves what the outside world is like, so they leave, along with their friends and Felix, to experience the apocalyptic world that they have been sheltered from all their lives.

These kids are in their late teens primarily, so they barely remember the world before the apocalypse — if they remember it at all. They plunge themselves into the dangers and wonders of the walker filled dystopia outside the gates and will need to learn how to survive or die trying.

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That’s what is known so far about The Walking Dead World Beyond. The series premiere will air the same night as The Walking Dead season 10 finale, so there’s not too long to wait until this new corner of TWD universe opens up.