The trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 is witty and musical


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s third season trailer is a clever and dark music video for a song that will definitely get stuck in your head.

She’s back, witches. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 will drop on Netflix on January 24, but Netflix released the official trailer for season 3 in the form of a fun music video. Kiernan Shipka sings a clever and pop-level catchy song over typical choreographed music video cuts mixed with clips and stills from the upcoming season 3.

Watch the video (and good luck getting that song out of your head when you do):

Despite the kitschy pop feel of the video, the clips from season 3 indicate that Sabrina’s trip to Hell to save Nick isn’t going to be easy or pleasant. In the clip at the end of the video, she looks genuinely troubled — and chances are good that her attempts to save Nick, stop Satan, and clean up the messes left behind at the end of season 2 are not going to go as planned.

As usual, though, Sabrina will have help. Her backup members of “The Fright Club” — Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo — will be there to help her. So will Ambrose and Prudence, although Prudence’s loyalty is always suspect. Sabrina will also have Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda to help out. But even with the assembled power of her magical and non-magical friends, Sabrina may not be able to get Nick out alive.

The Netflix official summary for The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 says:

"“Sabrina can’t live with herself, knowing that Nick made the ultimate sacrifice and is suffering, burning in Hell under Madam Satan’s watchful eye. So with an assist from her mortal friends, “The Fright Club” (consisting of Harvey, Rosalind, and Theo), Sabrina makes it her mission to free him from eternal damnation and bring him back into her arms.”"

So not only will Sabrina have to deal with Satan, but she’ll have to fight Lilith to free Nick as well. The show has always managed to walk the line between campy and creepy really well so it will be exciting to see how the tone and look of the show changes now that most of the season will be set in Hell.

Part 4 has already been greenlit

Last year, The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina was renewed for seasons 3 and 4, so there will definitely be at least one more season of Sabrina and her friends battling monsters and high school. The show has remained a fan favorite on Netflix, and there’s a strong possibility that it could run for longer than four seasons as long as the showrunner and writers can keep writing compelling stories.

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Seasons 1 and 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are streaming on Netflix now, so plan a binge watching party and get caught up before January 24 when Part 3 drops.