Netflix’s You gets a new trailer, possibly a third season

Photo: Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix
Photo: Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix /

The first full-length trailer for the second season of Netflix’s You shows that Joe didn’t move to Los Angeles alone — and suggests a third season could be coming.

Netflix has released a new trailer for the second season of You, where we find out that Joe — er, Will? — did not make his move to Los Angeles alone. And there’s already speculation of a future for the series beyond season 2.

Little does Will know that his ex-girlfriend (who we thought to be dead) has trailed him across the country.  It looks like Candace is a regular (or at least recurring) cast member for the impending season.  And then he meets… Love?

Watch the official trailer for You season 2 here:

With our main character transporting himself to the west coast, we’re going to have to warm up to another set of supporting cast members. The characters we met in season 1 were colorful, dimensional, and uniquely relatable. Sadly, they’re all dead.

Also, it turns out that Love has a twin brother named Forty, who acts as a male confidant for Will.  It will be interesting to see him connect to a human as a “friend.” Yeah. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Recent news of a tax credit in California gives some leading-ish evidence that You has most likely been renewed for a third season, even though the second season won’t be here until December 26. If this is true, then what are we supposed to think of the (literal) blood on Will’s hands? Whose is it? And the clip of him being locked away in jail? And where will Will go next/what will Will’s next name be?!

Although this second season has been highly anticipated since its first season’s release, it’s hard to see a future past season 2 without first seeing season 2. As we begin our collective post-Christmas binge-a-thon, let’s all take a moment of silence and/or light a candle for our dearly departed girls:  Guinevere Beck and Peach Salinger.

May Candace’s sojourn to LaLa Land be fruitful in bringing you justice.

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