Watchmen season 1 finale review: The Dr. Manhattan we’ve been waiting for has come at last

Watchmen has finally wrapped up its first season, and it left us with so many questions but also gave us one of the best endings we could have hoped for.

There are moments on Watchmen that have turned into some of the most powerful things on television, and now, the show has delivered one of its strongest episodes with its season finale. As Angela fought off against the Seventh Kalvary in the last episode, she watched as Dr. Manhattan was transported away from her.

This week, we learn more about Lady Trieu, her connection to Adrian Veidt, and how their stories connect to one another. But while there were many connections finally set in motion, the most important aspect of the episode didn’t even happen until the very end.

Senator Joe Keene has a game plan. He is going to become Dr. Manhattan because, to him, being a white man is hard. The problem is that he has no idea how to transfer Dr. Manhattan’s powers. So, when he “thinks” he does it, it is revealed that Joe accidentally exploded himself in front of the entire Seventh Kalvary while Lady Trieu got there to reveal her true plan: to take Dr. Manhattan’s powers in front of her father, Ozymandias.

In a beautiful exploration of Angela and Dr. Manhattan’s relationship, he realizes that what is keeping him together for so long as they’re trying to transfer his power: his relationship to Angela.  But in the end, his powers are still taken from him and he is killed — but not before he sends Adrian, Laurie, and Looking Glass to Adrian’s old office so they can find a way to stop Lady Trieu.

They somehow manage to succeed, and Angela goes to the theater for protection and finds Will Reeves there. In the end, everyone is seemingly OK and starting to rebuild. But the real crux of the episode comes when Angela receives a message from Dr. Manhattan through Will, repeating something Dr. Manhattan said to him about eggs.

Angela says she doesn’t understand, and Will tells her that she will understand when the time is right. And, by the end of the episode, she realizes that Dr. Manhattan transferred his powers into an egg to give to Angela. She eats the egg, but before we can see if it worked, it fades to black.

I cannot wait to see where Watchmen will go from here. Angela as Dr. Manhattan? Brillant.

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