Watchmen: The end is coming in the preview for the finale

Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Watchmen.. Photo: Mark Hill/HBO /

With Dr. Manhattan gone and Laurie taken by the Seventh Kalvary, the season finale of Watchmen is going to be an interesting one. Where will all the characters end up?

In anticipation for the finale of Watchmen, the trailer doesn’t give us too much of a look at what to expect. As of this moment, the Seventh Kalvary is beginning their plan to become Dr. Manhattan — and now that they’ve snapped him away from Angela, who knows what is going to happen?

Right now, Laurie is stuck in their weird trap floor after going to visit Judd’s wife, and we still don’t know where Looking Glass is. But, through all that, we’re at least starting to see all of these stories converge and bring everything to a head in the final episode of the season.

Watch the preview for tonight’s episode here:

With Dr. Manhattan dead and only a few people knowing (mainly just Angela), what is going to happen when the Seventh Kalvary either succeeds in its plans or returns to its racist ways? No matter what, it doesn’t feel like anyone is going to come out of this particularly victorious — especially because, even if she wins, Angela had to give up her husband in order for the rest of the world to be able to win.

What’s scary — and it’s what is also scary about the original graphic novel — is that no one really wins in Watchmen, so I wonder if that’s what the finale for this first season is going to do. The stakes are high, and there is so much on the line. So, what if, in the end, the bad guys win? What if Angela watched her family fall apart and she ends up with nothing in the end? It’s going to be interesting to see where the show will leave us.

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