Veronica Sheaffer brought needed romanticism to Project Runway

Although she was eliminated on the second Project Runway episode, Veronica Sheaffer gave the Bravo fashion show a touch of romanticism.

With a runway crowded with strong lines and edges, Veronica Sheaffer brought softer, flowy looks to this season’s Project Runway. Whether she epitomized her nickname, sleevy nicks, or ever really was able to show her design aesthetic, this season will miss her romantic touches.

During episode two, an animal print, streetwear challenge, Veronica missed the mark. While fans might not want to forgive Brandon Maxwell’s exotic diaper remark, her elimination design was not executed in a way where she could survive the scrutiny.

The Chicago based bridal and custom designer describes her brand as “classic, feminine design with thoughtful, unexpected details.” Looking at the clothes she wore on the show (which she created herself), that description is clear.

While in her own business, those little touches and impeccable details set her apart, the Project Runway environment and time constraints is not conducive for that approach. Quick decision, executable designs and simple choices can be the norm.

Additionally, this particular Project Runway challenge may not have been the best fit for Veronica. Creating a street wear forward, animal print look isn’t exactly her design aesthetic. While these designers know that they will be pushed beyond their comfort zone, this challenge was definitely difficult for her.

PROJECT RUNWAY — “Cats of the Urban Jungle” Episode 1802 — Pictured: Veronica Sheaffer — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/Bravo)

In the Christian Siriano web series, Christian and Jenn talked her decision to have a more romantic approach to the challenge. Putting aside the look’s particular direction, it was refreshing to see the flowy, lighter approach. In a sea of similarities, that choice definitely stood out.

Even looking at the blouse she designed for herself, there was lightness which made it so appealing. On her website, she states that the Poet Blouse is a staple in her wardrobe. It is unfortunate fashion fans couldn’t have seen this look on the runway.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Veronica Sheaffer some questions about her Project Runway experience.

Culturess: This week’s Project Runway episode focused on animal prints, did you feel that this theme limited your design aesthetic?

Veronica Sheaffer: Yes, I had a difficult time shopping for fabric. When I work with prints they tend to be accents, so it was challenging to use a print as the focal point.

Culturess: How difficult is it to offer a fresh take on animal prints?

Sheaffer: Because animals prints are so mainstream it was challenging to make that trend feel fresh.

Culturess: Did knowing that this challenge was a Flash Sale impact your choices? Did you feel that this challenge had to be more wearable in the real world?

Sheaffer: Since it was a street style challenge, I was very aware of how it would be worn in a real world setting. It made me more mindful of how it would be reproduced and go into production.

Culturess: How much pressure do you feel in this competition?

Sheaffer: I felt an enormous pressure. I am a perfectionist! It’s difficult working in a high pressure environment with a time constraint. And cameras there. Having cameras there was challenging since I usually work in a quiet space.

Culturess: How do you think Project Runway will help you and/or your design brand?

Sheaffer: I think the experience made me much more aware of what makes me unique as a designer. Being romantic, unique, in reality, it was so different than everyone else’s point of view. The experience really helped me solidify my unique place in the market.

Culturess: What was the biggest lesson that you learned from being on Project Runway?

Sheaffer: It taught me to be more resilient and to remain thoughtful of other people while also being kind to myself.

Project Runway Season 18 airs on Bravo, Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST. Veronica Sheaffer owns and operates a bridal and ready to wear fashion brand in Chicago, Illinois.

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Did Veronica deserve to stay longer on Project Runway? Will this season miss her romantic style?

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