AHS: 1984 reveals two new camp-tastic posters


Ahead of its season premiere on September 18, American Horror Story: 1984 has released two new campy posters.

As if we weren’t already checking the calendar to see if time was moving more quickly toward AHS: 1984’s premiere date so we could just go back in time to an era where bad hair was good and music was danceable, the FX show has revealed two new posters that have brought the fever back in full swing.

While we already know we’re going to be following the seasonal inhabitants of Camp Redwood on their quests to get laid, make s’mores, and avoid a serial murderer’s wrath, these images have reminded us that even when we’re dealing in camp, things can get real scary, real fast.

The first poster was Tweeted with “A head start won’t save you” written above it:

This poster is so good, you can practically hear the screams, feel the dew, and smell the leftover embers of the fire you’re desperately wishing still has enough glow to guide you into the forest as you run away from the axe-wielding maniac who’s just popped through the floor of cabin nine.

And it doesn’t get any less sexy/spooky from here. The second poster is much brighter but equally as scary:

As though we all don’t have enough water-based fears already, we can now add another to the list: murderer with a knife lurking below the canoe we’re relaxing on in the middle of a peaceful lake. But, of course, that’s what Ryan Murphy & co. do best:  They take a concept we’d previously assumed was picked clean of potential for new, interesting ideas and, somehow, reshape it into the most terrifying, intriguing, hilarious, meta, culturally relevant 12 hours of television of the year. And AHS: 1984 is looking to be no exception.

With the killer (no pun intended) cast, the campy (pun intended) setting, the jump back in time, the added layer of sexiness that comes with summertime bunk-sharing, and the years of cultural context of slasher films to both buoy them and inspire them to go rogue, we’re promised, if nothing else, a season that will remind us why we still watch this show. It’s for the same reason your camp friends seem much more interesting than your home friends: For just one season a year, you get to be around this weirdo, amped-up magic that, for better or worse, you’re not gonna get anywhere else.

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