The AHS: 1984 trailer brings the camp back to summer


In the first official trailer for AHS: 1984, the Ryan Murphy troupe brings all the horror, the humor, and the summer camp hookups to life.

As a teen, I never went to camp. I was far too busy watching Desperate Housewives, reading Chuck Palahniuk, and brooding over the boredom of my summer days spent in suburbia. And while a murder spree wasn’t technically on my daydream roster, almost every other thing about Ryan Murphy’s impending ninth season of American Horror Story, entitled AHS: 1984, seems absolutely tailor-made for both teenaged and adult me.

By that, I mean we’re about to be face to face with a campy, horror-comedy, slasher thriller featuring queer teens, lots of outfits, lakeside drama, and jazzercise. Sign me up!

Watch the official trailer for AHS: 1984 here:

The trailer introduces us to Camp Redwood and all of the troublemakers and rule-followers alike who will soon be descending on its grounds — but first, they need to scare each other with the lore of a slasher on the loose. Here, we meet Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Gus Kenworthy, and DeRon Horton, our core group of campers and, probably, future list of those we’ve lost at Camp Redwood. RIP, I’m assuming.

As they arrive, the counselors and camp staff greet them and remind us viewers that Ryan Murphy’s lineup is the A-Team/Avengers/women of the Supreme Court of television. Onsite and in some killer khaki and shortie short shorts (sometimes, both at once!), we’ve got Angelica Ross, Leslie Grossman, and Matthew Morrison!

And while everyone seems pretty preoccupied with the murderer on the loose, there’s also camptime fun to be had. ’80s music blares, spandex abounds, hair is high, the campfire is blazing, and somewhere in the woods or in the bunks or in a flashback to a previous summer, the murderer waits.

We’re not given a ton of info on our killer, but we do get some hints: It’s a he (or they want us to think so), he’s named Mr. Jingles, and he’s escaped from what was likely a mental institution (in a possible AHS: Asylum tie-in?). The fun of AHS, though, has never really been trying to figure out the mystery— it’s been the utter joy of getting to watch along as everyone else, both on our screens and on our Twitter feeds, experiences the terror together.

It’s a stacked season with endless possibilities, and frankly, Ryan Murphy & Co. are the only people I trust to bring ’80s camp (literally and artistically speaking) horror screaming back to the screen. We’re certainly in for a season of spooky stories, steamy sexcapades, and, if we’re lucky, tons of campfire songs that we can blast in the car on the way to our own spooky camp getaways. No matter what happens this season, I think it’s safe to say that, with camp officially back in fashion, we’re going to have a hell of a time at Camp Redwood.

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