American Horror Story season 9: Everything you need to know


We know that the apocalypse has come and gone, but we’re already getting ready for season 9 of American Horror Story. Here’s what to expect from the show!

Every season of American Horror Story has led to the showdown in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Bringing back characters we’ve loved since the start of the show and connecting every season we’ve had thus far, the show seems to have a perfect arc.

So what exactly can we expect out of season 9? There are little clues from Ryan Murphy and company, but other than a cryptic Instagram post, they’ve been pretty quiet. Still, that doesn’t mean past seasons can’t hint at what’s to come. Here’s what we know about American Horror Story’s ninth season so far.

When does season 9 come out? How can I watch?

American Horror Story usually hits FX in the fall (this past season started Sept. 12). So while we don’t have a confirmed date as of yet, we can expect that season 9 will follow the same trend as seasons passed. Taking over the fall slot, the horror show will most likely return in September of 2019.

What’s the title for season 9?

No title or theme has been announced for season 9 yet. Since the end of the world has come, maybe we could see a zombie-like situation coming to the show next. Currently, there is nothing set in stone yet.

How many episodes will there be?

Typically, American Horror Story has about 10 to 13 episodes per season, depending. American Horror Story: Hotel had 13 but this most recent season only had 10 episodes. Each episode is about an hour long on FX so it will depend on how many episodes season 9 ends up with.

Which actors are returning?

It is too soon to know for sure which of our favorite American Horror Story cast members are coming back but Ryan Murphy may have given a bit away. On Instagram, he shared a picture of Cody Fern, Finn Wittrock and Darren Criss (and all three have been on AHS in the past).

The show typically features stars like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Emma Roberts every season with an alternating cast of other actors as well. We’ll have to see who the stars of season 9 will be as we get closer to the release date.

What happened last season?

In season 8, Apocalypse, we got to revisit some of our favorite characters from seasons past. From the Harmons from season 1 to those dealing with the politics of the Cult season, we saw a lot of our favorite characters joining forces. Some even being played by the same actors (a truly wonderful aspect of this show).

Seeing Misty Day with Stevie Nicks once more was definitely the greatest part of season 8. Our favorite witch from Coven, Misty, talked frequently about her love of Stevie Nicks and, when she met her maker at the end of the season, many were heartbroken — especially since Stevie Nicks made an appearance to sing at the beginning of an episode. In Apocalypse though, she got to meet her hero and it was beautiful.

If you are behind on American Horror Story, you can catch up on the FX app or wait until the season is available on Netflix. AHS is a show that has almost too many twists and turns to keep up with, but seeing where season 9 is going to take us is certainly going to be interesting.

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