Disney released the first images of its Lady and the Tramp reboot, and the cast is adorable

Lady and the Tramp© 1955 - Walt Disney Studios. All rights reserved.
Lady and the Tramp© 1955 - Walt Disney Studios. All rights reserved. /

A Lady and the Tramp remake is heading to Disney+ in November, and the first images of the film reveal an adorable cast.

We’re getting a little exhausted when it comes to Disney’s constant reboot announcements as of late, but the company knew the perfect way to get us excited about its live-action Lady in the Tramp remake that’s heading to Disney+ in November: by showing us photos of the cast.

Unlike the recent reimagining of The Lion King, the latest take on Disney’s 1955 animated film about a pampered pooch who falls in love with a scruffy stray will actually use real animals. And People revealed the doggos that will portray the characters we know and love — and whatever other feelings we might have about remaking another classic, these pups are adorable.

Lady will be played in the movie by a cocker spaniel named Rose, and the actress voicing her will be none other than Tessa Thompson. It’ll be interesting to see Thompson play Lady, who is a far cry less

The dog playing Tramp is actually a rescue pup named Monte, and he’ll be voiced by Justin Theroux — a solid choice given that the actor is a parent to his own rescue dog. We’re happy to see that Disney is using its platform to support rescue animals, and we’d love to see more of them onscreen during the live-action reboot.

People also unveiled the voice actors and their dog counterparts for Trusty, Jock, Peg, and Bull. Sam Elliott will voice Trusty, while Ashley Jensen voices Jock. (Could those matches be any more perfect?) Meanwhile, Janelle Monáe will use her gorgeous voice to sing “He’s a Tramp” as Peg, and Benedict Wong will tackle the story’s villain, Bull.

Overall, Lady and the Tramp seems to have a pretty solid cast. We’re hesitant to say we’re excited for it, but what can we say? We’re here for anything involving cute pups.

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