The 100 season 6 episode 13: 4 clues from this week’s teaser

The sixth season of The 100 has been full of action and tension, and it looks like its finale will be the same. But what can we expect from the next episode?

The 100‘s sixth season comes to a close this week, and the finale will wrap up one of the show’s most action-packed, tension-filled seasons yet. With so many storylines at play — along with some seriously high stakes — things are bound to get messy. And if we know The 100the finale will likely pull out some twist that will leave fans desperate for the next season.

The teaser trailer for this week’s episode promises plenty of action and emotion to come, and things aren’t looking promising for Skaikru.

Watch the promo trailer for “The Blood of Sanctum” here:

We’ve discussed our predictions for what will happen in “The Blood of Sanctum,” but what does this week’s teaser tell us about the final episode of season six?

The grounders are prepared to fight.

The preview for “The Blood of Sanctum” opens with Indra and the grounders standing at the entrance to the Eligius ship. They’re holding weapons, and Indra says, “You didn’t think this through.” It’s clear that she’s ready to hold the ship against the Primes, but Clarke tells the grounders to stand down. Hopefully, this is simply because Russell and the others have Madi and Gaia captive. But even with Clarke so desperate to do better, she might regret that order later on.

Russell is out for revenge.

Most of what Russell Lightbourne has done this season has been for the sake of protecting his own people. He does attempt to forge a peaceful bond with Skaikru in the beginning, faltering when he chooses his emotions over their agreement and forces Clarke to become a host for his daughter’s mind.

But during this episode, Russell actually seems angry at Skaikru. The teaser shows him pointing a gun at Madi, shouting, “I want revenge!” But what does he want revenge for exactly? His wife has returned to a host body, so he’s either angry that he was chased out of his home or he’s discovered that Clarke defeated Josephine. If it’s the latter, Skaikru and the grounders may be in trouble than we thought.

We might see the end of Sheidheda — or the end of Gaia.

Sheidheda is alive and kicking in this episode, especially since we see a brief glimpse of Madi shouting, “We will kill you all!” But later in the teaser, we also see Gaia engaged in a struggle with Madi. We have to wonder: Is she attempting to kill the girl for the greater good of destroying Sheidheda, or is Gaia trying to exorcise the Dark Commander from Madi’s mind?

Either way, we have a feeling the outcome of that conflict might not be so good…

The Primes are planning to kill the grounders and enter Cryo.

Clarke’s final statement — which seems to be spoken while she’s still masquerading as Josephine — is probably the most interesting part of the teaser. “A little genocide, a long nap,” she quips. “What the hell?” It’s clear that the Primes plan to wipe out the remainder of the newcomers on the ship, an eerie callback to Clarke’s iconic decision at Mount Weather.

But the long nap suggests that the Primes plan to enter Cryosleep when they get into space. Are they hoping to outlive the survivors down in Sanctum, returning once they’re all long gone? Perhaps Clarke and the others can turn the tables, tricking them into entering Cryo for much longer than they plan to.

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check back on Culturess after the season finale airs for updates about the show.