Taika Waititi is officially returning to direct Thor 4, and we are here for it

Avengers: Endgame gave us a new look at Thor that none of us could have expected. And now we have news that Taika Waititi is returning to direct Thor 4, which leaves us excited for whatever comes next.

It’s official: We really are getting Thor 4, and we could not be more excited about it. And the fact that Taika Waititi is returning not only to direct it, but also to write the script, means that we really are getting a continuation of Thor’s story following the events of RagnarokInfinity War and Endgame.

Not only have we seen a more lighthearted and down-to-Earth version of our most powerful Avenger, but we’ve also witnessed what it’s like to see him defeated. While we would love to see him bounce back after everything that happened during the fight against Thanos, it would also be interesting to see how our hero recovers from letting himself go and becoming a couch potato.

With no real clue as to what direction Thor 4 will take as we head into Marvel’s Phase 4, we actually have a lot of room to speculate and throw out our own wish list. However, we also have to take into account the fact that, when we last saw Thor, he was heading off into the cosmos with the Guardians of the Galaxy — which means that storyline that may need to be addressed.

It would definitely be interesting to see our hero back on Earth, trying to live among the other Asgardians as he regains his confidence. While it seems as if he may have been on the road to recovery when he left with the Guardians, that doesn’t mean he is all the way back to the way he once was.

Another thing that would be interesting to see is Thor coming into contact with the alternate version of Loki who is now running around with an Infinity Stone. While all versions of Loki are technically his brother, in this case, it is an entirely different man than the one he lost. The idea of seeing him reconcile this version of Loki with the one he lost would be fascinating. (And yes, I know that Loki is getting his own Disney+ series, so this story is unlikely.)

Perhaps Thor 4 will let us see some of his travels with the Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, in Ragnarok we got to see him team up with the Hulk, and that seemed to work out really well for both characters. It would also be nice to actually see Thor interact with other heroes like he has over the last few movies, as it lets him shine without having to take on the entire weight of the film.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the next Thor movie. And the fact that we are getting Waititi back as the director means we can expect not just a solid story, but also one that has humor, drama, and action — all the things that make an excellent superhero film. Of course, the fact that this means Chris Hemsworth is sticking around for at least one more Marvel movie is certainly an added bonus we can’t overlook.

What do you want to see from Thor 4? Are there any characters you want to see, or maybe a storyline that you want explored? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.