8 Guardians of the Galaxy GIFs to cheer up fans as they wait for GotG 3


If you’re a Guardian of the Galaxy fan, you’ve endured a lot of time without your favorite Guardians. We have the perfect appreciation GIFs to get you through this black hole of fresh GotG content.

Let’s face it: Guardians of the Galaxy fans have had it rough the last several months. GotG 3 has been delayed, all the Guardians except for Rocket and Nebula (she hasn’t been officially inducted in the team, but she’s an implied member) were either dusted or killed during Avengers: Infinity War, and the only Guardian we saw in the Avengers: Endgame trailer was Nebula (unless you think you saw Groot in a brief scene).

Since GotG fans have been contentless for awhile, we created a brief list, in GIF form, of the reasons we were initially drawn to the fandom. After all, we could also use some lighthearted content after that gritty Endgame trailer.

1. The dance-off

At the top of our Guardians of the Galaxy appreciation post is obviously Peter Quill’s dance-off to save the universe. Granted, it was more of a distraction than a dance competition, but it’s one of the most memorable GotG scenes for a good reason.

2. Gamora and Nebula’s hug

We’re not sorry, but if you didn’t at least get teary-eyed when Gamora and Nebula hugged in GotG 2, then we don’t trust you. When Gamora pulls Nebula in for a hug, Nebula’s first reflex is to fight her sister, and it makes viewers realize that’s likely the first time anyone has ever shown her any affection

When Gamora said, “You will always be my sister,” we might have shed several tears — and we can’t wait for Nebula to rightfully avenge her sister in Endgame.

3. Peter and Gamora dancing

How could we ever leave the scene where the fiercest woman in the galaxy finally dances with Peter Quill?

Sidenote: Everyone should find someone that looks at them the way Peter looks at Gamora.

4. Drax being Drax

What more can we say? Drax is always himself, 100 percent of the time, and that usually means he’s being brutally honest to everyone around them. Even if it means they’ll be embarrassed. For Drax, that’s perfect, because he’ll call that out too.

5. Peter and Gamora being parents

Even in the middle of a fight or an impending spaceship crash, Peter and Gamora always lookout for Groot’s well-being. After all, safety is a priority.

6. The softer side of their parenting

Their parenting strategies don’t always consist of telling Groot to put his seatbelt on or slated future conversations about teenage Groot’s language. Like any supportive parents, sometimes Gamora and Peter just check-in on Groot and keep him occupied — even if that happens during the middle of a battle.

7. Rocket and Groot team-ups

The only person more protective of baby Groot is his dad, Rocket. It still breaks our hearts to know Groot’s last word to Rocket in Infinity War was “Dad.” But we’ll try to think of happier times between these two, like Groot riding on Rocket as he fires happily at enemies.

We just hope post-Endgame we can go back to simpler cinematic times and enjoy more harmless Rocket and Groot team-ups.

8. Mantis’ powerful abilities

Mantis might be one of the most underrated Guardians, but her powers are inarguably some of the strongest. Even before she put an Eternal to sleep in Infinity War, Mantis subdued a Celestial (you know, an entire Living Planet, Ego).  We can see why Thanos snapped her — he’s afraid of her strength.

We know there are countless other Guardians of the Galaxy GIFs we could add onto this list and we encourage you to share them with us on Twitter via @CulturessFS.

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Did we leave one of your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy moments off our list? Let us know in the comments section below, and share the list with the biggest GotG stan in your life!