Spider-Man: Far From Home production has wrapped, will we see a new trailer?


Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-production has officially wrapped! Will we get a new trailer before the movie hits theaters?

Post-production has just wrapped on Spider-Man: Far From Home, which means all of the editing, splicing, and sound effects should be finished in time for its July release.

Director Jon Watts announced the movie was complete on Instagram by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of the cast getting a glimpse of what they shot on set. Judging by the pleased looks on everyone’s face, we’re in for a fun ride.

Now, with the movie completely done, could we expect to see one final trailer before it hits theaters?

There’s still time to release a trailer, maybe teasing the audience with Mysterio’s inevitable heel turn. It could also tease that something sinister is coming Spidey’s way, but then again, that might be giving too much of the movie away — something a lot of trailers have been guilty of lately.

Teasers and trailers thus far have hinted that this will be an emotional ride for Peter Parker, who viewed Tony Stark as a superhero father figure. The audience, and Peter, will likely be reminded throughout that Tony Stark is indeed gone from this reality’s timeline. But with the introduction of Mysterio, who comes from another version of Earth, there’s a chance that Tony Stark is still alive and well.

I, for one, am not emotionally prepared for Peter Parker to try and find Tony Stark on different Earths. In one clip for the movie, we do see Peter trying on Tony’s high-tech glasses — which gives him intel on everyone he sees — and at one point, he looks pleasantly surprised to see someone. I really hope Sony and Marvel don’t toy with his (and ultimately our) emotions.

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So what do you think? Do you want to see another Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, or do you want to wait for the movie on July 2? Let us know in the comments below!