Spider-Man: Far From Home’s latest clip could be hiding one big twist


The newest Spider-Man: Far From Home TV spot may be hiding something from us. It could mean that a very big twist is in store for the movie.

Purposely misleading viewers could start becoming the new norm with trailers, and Spider-Man: Far From Home may be the latest movie to hide something from its fans.

In all of the Far From Home footage we’ve seen so far, there’s been two things Spider-Man’s been dealing with: the death of Tony Stark, and how to fill Iron Man’s shoes. In one clip, we got to see the side of Peter Parker who’s been emotionally wounded after losing Tony. But in the newest clip, we get to see the bright side of things, as Peter begins to follow in Tony’s footsteps.

And with Peter following in his mentor’s footsteps comes one suspicious moment in the trailer, when Peter tries on Tony’s high-tech glasses. You can see the moment in the clip below.

If you go to about 24 seconds into the clip, we get to see what Stark tech really looks like. It seems like Tony Stark had the inside scoop on everyone’s data, history, and even their text conversations right before his eyes. But, if you look at all the data Peter sees on screen, you might notice that something’s missing: one of the characters has no data at all.

The trip’s two chaperones, including J.B. Smoove’s character, have data. And we see something from one of his classmates as well. But as for the guy with the beard way in the back? It’s basically blank, but it could mean the trailer’s hiding something from us. (We’re already getting Avengers: Endgame trailer flashbacks.)

The unknown character appears to be Dimitri, played by actor Numan Acar. When news was released about his casting last year, some fans immediately began to think that Acar would be playing the supervillain Chameleon — whose comic book name is Dmitri Smerdyakov.

Given the casting news and the new, suspicious trailer, it’s starting to seem like signs are pointing to Dimitri being a man in disguise. Could he be appearing in a different form to Peter Parker and the rest of his classmates, posing to be a chaperone or someone they know? It very well could be, and with him being in close proximity to Peter Parker, it could mean that he’s up to something. Spidey better watch out.

The “up to something” may mean that the formation of the long-anticipated Sinister Six just may happen. It feels like we haven’t had quite enough time for Peter Parker to rack up vendetta’s from six of the world’s largest super villains, but seeing the Sinister Six form would be exciting nonetheless.

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If Dimitri is indeed Chameleon, it’s likely he and Mysterio won’t have much in common (i.e., hating Peter Parker) until the end of the movie. So we may not see the two meet up until the very end. Now, we all we have to do is wait to see if Norman Osborn will show up to lead the group of sinister foes.