Kesha’s new track, “Rich, White, Straight, Men,” is a must for everyone’s summer playlist


Kesha released a new song, “Rich, White, Straight, Men,” and this is the kind of rebellious bop our summer (and beyond) needed.

Kesha debuted a new song that’s already made its way into our playlist, and it effortlessly picks apart all the nonsensical and harmful rhetoric that often comes from, well, the title of the song: “Rich, White, Straight, Men.” This is clearly going to be our new anthem of the year, and we’re not ashamed.

The chorus of the song alone sets the tone for the entire track. “What if rich, white, straight men didn’t rule the world anymore?” The rightfully raving laugh that follows just about sums up our thoughts on that rhetorical question.

Even before this latest track, Kesha has embraced socio-political commentary in her music, especially with Rainbow. The lyrical commentary isn’t specific. But given the unfortunately evergreen terrible-ness of reproduction rights (primarily thanks to privileged men), we’d like to think “Rich, White, Straight, Men,” comments on a hypothetical world where men didn’t try to revoke human rights, such as reproductive rights.

Have a listen before we delve into its influences and fans’ reactions:

From universal healthcare, pay disparity, and the assinine and ongoing border debacle that is literally killing people, Kesha’s new song comments on an array of political issues.

It has everything. A bridge that riffs off of the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Empowering lyrics. And above all else, clown music.

As a subtle jab, Kesha takes on a carnival-themed-harmony to critique the laughably distorted perspectives some of those men uphold. After all, Kesha doesn’t need a circus to put these clowns in place.

If you couldn’t tell from Kesha’s animated photo in the song, this is a big “F you” to the clueless men in power. And fans have a lot of thoughts about this rebellious hymn:

We love a multitalented, multitasking queen who can create a bop from circus music. Seriously, not every pop song needs to follow a single archetype, and we’re thankful Kesha understands this.

Her new hit even got the meme treatment, courtesy of SpongeBob. Like everyone else, we’re getting tired of seeing this meme resurface in our feed 30 times throughout the day, but we’ll let this one slide for Kesha’s sake.

We swear we’re trying to prepare ourselves. But it’s impossible to prepare for Kesha. She is Kesha after all, and we’re ready for the next stage in Kesha’s musical career — including every song and bridge in between.

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Until Kesha next replenishes our spirit, we’ll continue to jam to this empowering track.