Wonder Woman of the Week: Kesha and how she changed music this year


Our Wonder Woman of the Week this week is Kesha to celebrate her new single as well as how she contributed to the Time’s Up movement this year.

Kesha has been having a great year this year. Ever since the release of her comeback album Rainbow, she’s been producing hits and leaving fans thrilled at her new musical style and powerful performances. For this week’s Wonder Woman of the Week, we are celebrating the impact that Kesha had on the music industry this year and the Time’s Up movement.

As Billboard points out, her performance this year in January at the Grammys was a big moment for the industry and #MeToo and Time’s Up. She performed her powerful song “Praying,” which she created about her legal fight with Lukasz Gottwald, often known as Dr. Luke; the lawsuit included allegations of sexual assault. Kesha has faced an uphill battle over years to be able to perform.

Her strength and struggle became a large part of recent movements such as Time’s Up that look to end rape culture and the prevalence of sexual assault in the entertainment industry and everywhere. Her performance contributed to a cultural wave and had a large impact on viewers and many in the music industry alike.

It’s great to see that Kesha has had this year to focus on her career and that she is still going strong. Just this past week, she performed her newest single for the first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The song, “Here Comes the Change,” was written by Kesha for the upcoming movie On the Basis of Sex. The movie tells the life story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and will be released in theaters on Christmas Day. Kesha was inspired to write the song for the film as a way to honor and celebrate the life and contributions of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

You can watch the music video which features scenes from the upcoming film here:

We love seeing how Kesha has been able to use her pain and experiences to help others and promote change in the music industry and in society in general. It’s also really great to see Kesha continue to do so well in her career since her comeback and how she continues to be inspired by her own story as well as other powerful women.

We look forward to hearing more inspiring ballads as well as enjoyable pop songs from Kesha in the upcoming years, and we can’t wait to continue to watch her thrive!

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