15 of Disneyland’s most magical attractions you cannot miss

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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Disneyland Park is home to some of Disney’s most iconic movie-based rides including Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. This attraction takes guests to the depths of the ocean to see Marlin, Nemo, Dory and all of their fishy friends on a journey through Disneyland’s Tomorrowland lagoon. You’re invited to look through the sub’s portholes to see all of the Pixar pals, scuba divers and deep sea artifacts from an ancient civilization.

Because the steps to get into the submarine are narrow, guests who are unable or do not want to take part in the attraction can take a look at the undersea adventure at the Observation Outpost near the end of the loading dock. Here, you can see a high-definition, live-feed version of the voyage so no one in your group really misses out on the experience. The end of the dock is also a great spot to take photos to make all of your family back home jealous!

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is available during Extra Magic Hours and Magic Mornings, which is the best time to experience it since each sub can hold a limited amount of people and it can take a while to load and unload guests. This ride could be scary for kids who don’t like water or being in small enclosed spaces. There are no height restrictions to ride, and it does not offer FastPass or MaxPass. This attraction is unique in the fact that it’s the only one of its kind at a Disney Park.