Doom Patrol finale review: Romance and do-goodery are in the air

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The farewell to Doom Patrol season 1 gives us romance, an homage to the team’s do-goodery, a surplus of villainy, and a new threat for the next season.

After a 15-episode-long season, Doom Patrol has devoted a lot of time into what should be every comic nerd’s dream television series. Reimagining every character and introducing Cyborg into the Doom Patrol mythos was just the start on an exceptional debut season.

Throughout the first season, the characters began narrating their own stories and developing agency over their arcs, traumas, and their fate. In turn, they’ve become a weirdly chaotic and dysfunctional family. Because behind every DC Universe production is a family. The Doom Patrol season one finale, “Ezekiel Patrol,” pays homage to the family tone, gives us a new romance, and introduces a long-awaited fan favorite character.

With the help of Mr. Nobody’s rhyming recap, the finale kicks off with some homage of the Doom Patrol’s journey to becoming a strange family and even stranger superheroes comic accuracy. The journey down recollection road leads us to an evergreen centerpiece of the series: superheroes and mental health, just with the addition of a much-deserved hiatus. (Every hero needs a vacation.)