Doom Patrol episode 13 preview: Flexing more comic accuracy


Doom Patrol episode 13 features a growing Doom Patrol lineup, with the introduction of Flex Mentallo.

For a clueless band of superheroes who didn’t even want to be heroes, to begin with (save for Cy, of course), the Doom Patrol is pretty heroic. There’s little the Doom Patrol can’t do, minus tracking Niles Caulder, but they’re thriving without his guidance. Their strides might be entirely accidental and they did release a swarm of man-eating butts, but that’s just the part of the hero gig they don’t teach you in hero training, and this dysfunctional team is handling the learning curve perfectly. Take that, Justice League.

After saving a legion of meta-humans last week, Doom Patrol episode 13 adds an amnesiac muscle man and even more comic accuracy to its roster of oddities.

You already know what happened last week on “Cyborg Patrol.” Please don’t make us recount those travesties, because we just stopped crying about it. (Does that mean our sad tweets have ceased? Absolutely not, but that’s beside the point.) As usual, mayhem ensued at the price of our favorite dysfunctional family’s mental wellbeing. Along with the rest of the DC Universe, the Doom Patrol household just got a bit weirder because they’ve taken on a new hyper-powerful houseguest: Flex Mentallo.

The catch? He doesn’t know he’s Flex Mentallo.

There’s no denying that Doom Patrol is a comic accurate show. There are no butts about it. (Give us another week, and we’ll wean ourselves off the butt jokes.) From the Bureau of Normalcy to the Cult of the Unwritten Book, and every weird and horrible villain in between, DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series embraces comic accuracy with unique twists, and it’s supplementing its affinity for the source material with even more comic-inspired arcs this week.

Flex’s bearded aesthetic? Straight from the Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run. The team helping Flex remember his identity and his past? That’s from the comics, too. We won’t give away anything spoilery about the muscle man’s past, but you’re in for one weird entertainment workout this week on Doom Patrol. Seriously, just wait until you experience the merriest superhero in full force in “Flex Patrol.”

As the team tries to help Flex remember who he is, another member of the team takes a journey down a journey down anamnesis avenue. Granted, we keep referring to Flex as a member of the Doom Patrol team, even though we don’t know if he’ll stay with the team after he regains his memory.

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For Robotman, he revisits his past videos, clips, and commercials at the cost of Jane’s banter. It’s okay, Cliff, you totally should’ve gotten that Daytime Emmy. While Flex’s merriment can help defuse our lingering remorse from episode 12, we’re already bracing ourselves from Victor’s expectedly somber arc this week on Doom Patrol.