17 Game of Thrones tattoos that honor our favorite Westerosi women

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Realistic Arya tattoo

Over the course of eight seasons, Arya Stark has grown into a fierce warrior. What better way to honor one of the fiercest women on Game of Thrones than with a truly realistic piece that screams masterful?

When an award-winning tattoo artist, who has also been on Ink Master, creates a piece like this, there is no way that we can avoid putting it on the list. Considering how photo-realistic the art is, it has to make the list of stunning tats that truly honor the women of Westeros.

From the finest details of the hair to the way her eyes pop, this is a work of art that will leave you wishing it was on your skin and not someone else’s. Honestly, this is truly one of the best tattoos of Arya I have seen, and I can’t imagine finding another piece more realistic or lovely.