Killing Eve: What do we make of Kenny’s warning?


Eve receives another strange warning, and even though she seems inclined to ignore it – again – it’s not so clear that the audience should.

When Eve fired dorky, adorable Kenny on Killing Eve, most of us were sad simply because we like him. But the character did – and does – serve an important function on the show.

As one of the few characters on the show with a consistent moral compass, Kenny provides a needed perspective in a world where almost everyone is motivated by their own worst natures and/or darkest desires.

He’s pretty much been the only person on the show who’s willing to tell Eve to her face that her increasing closeness with Villanelle is not just a bad idea, but actually damaging to her.

But now it seems like he might know more than he’s been telling.

During a brief scene in Carolyn’s home – in which Kenny witnesses Eve’s latest round of denial and blatant lying about Villanelle’s progress and the state of their relationship – he tries to warn her about what she’s doing.

Manufacturing a moment alone by returning Eve’s “forgotten charger” that doesn’t even belong to her, Kenny explicitly tells her to drop the mission.

"“Don’t go to Rome. Just don’t. Trust me. Get out of it. The operation I’ve been switched to is -“"

Of course, Carolyn interrupts this moment before Kenny can finish, with a seemingly banal but clearly very purposeful question about peanut butter, and Eve leaves before we can find out anything more.

But it’s not shocking. Of course something bigger than Eve is going on. We’ve all suspected Carolyn of shady dealings for a long time. And the fact that she’s still palling around with Konstantin – but not telling anyone how he’s not dead or why she’s cool with being friends with benefits with a guy that runs freelance murderers for hire.

And several episodes back, Jess pointed out the strangeness of the fact that MI-6 keeps virtually no records on Eve or anything she’s doing. Plausible deniability, perhaps?

It’s been pretty obvious that something much bigger than Eve and Villanelle’s obsessive flirtation has been going on for a while now. Both women, however, are blind to it because of their interest in one another, and we, as the audience, only pay it passing mind because we’re blinded by them.

But what’s really happening? What kind of separate, but clearly connected mission could Kenny possibly be involved with?

Is this secretly a hit on Aaron Peel, with MI-6 trusting that Villanelle will get the job done for them at some point? Is Carolyn willing to let Eve die  – or do something terrible – in the name of getting what she wants? Whatever the heck that happens to be?

With just one more episode to go in season 2, it’s past time for us to get some answers about what’s actually happening.

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