Killing Eve: Isn’t it time we learn what Carolyn and Konstantin are up to?


The latest episode of Killing Eve brought our two favorite women back together at last. But in all our excitement over this moment, did we miss its biggest twist?

The latest episode of Killing Eve, entitled “Smell Ya Later,” gave fans what they’d been waiting all season for: Eve and Villanelle back together at last.

The two women hadn’t seen each other since the events of the season 1 finale, in which Eve stabbed Villanelle and the latter fled into the streets of Paris. Their reunion is a bit different than most of us probably expected, as Eve put out a fake hit on herself to lure Villanelle close and…offer her a job?

Sort of.

For some reason, everyone at MI-6 who isn’t Kenny is apparently fine with this plan, and doesn’t immediately move to arrest Villanelle, a known serial murderer, when she shows up to help Eve interrogate female assassin The Ghost. (Then they all just…let her go afterward! Knowing she is probably going to just go kill someone else!)

The idea of Villanelle viewing herself as Eve’s “colleague” now is an interesting one, particularly as she directly confronts Niko as a result, a move which will doubtless have far-reaching ramifications on the Polastris’ home life.

But the thing is…one has to wonder if there’s something bigger and/or more sinister going on here. It’s honestly the only thing that might explain the authorities’ completely laissez-faire attitude toward letting a violent killer roam free.

During the episode, just as Eve and Villanelle leave her house to head off to the secret location where the Ghost is being held, the camera cuts quickly to a nearby car. And in that car sit Konstantin and Carolyn, both clearly aware of what’s going on, though neither of their proteges appear to be.

This revelation raises so many questions.

Killing Eve has never been particularly straightforward about the exact nature of Carolyn and Konstantin’s relationship. We know that they have some kind of romantic past. It seems likely that Carolyn helped Konstantin fake his death at the end of season 1, though the show’s never bothered to even really explain how they pulled that off.

Here, it seems obvious that the two have remained in touch ever since Konstantin disappeared from Carolyn’s house to take up freelance murder life with Villanelle. Why? And shouldn’t Carolyn be attempting to bring him back in to MI-6 custody, even if he does know now where his family has been relocated?

Most importantly, why are they both okay with letting Eve and Villanelle run off together?

Both of them have stated – directly and otherwise – to their proteges that their respective obsessions with one another are dangerous and messy. They know their decisions are compromised. Yet they allow both women to keep rushing headlong into…whatever they’re doing now.

Konstantin simply enjoying watching Villanelle and Eve dance around one another. But what is it?

Who gains anything by repeatedly pushing these women together? The Twelve? MI-6? Carolyn and Konstantin themselves?

Killing Eve has circled back to this plot point repeatedly, without really giving us any answers about Carolyn and Konstantin’s connection or ultimate goals. With only a handful of episodes left in the season, it’s probably past time for that to change.

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