Game of Thrones series finale: The absolute best quotes from the episode

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Maisie Williams as Arya Stark. Photo courtesy of HBO.

Jon and Arya

"Jon: She’s everyone’s queen now. Arya: Try telling Sansa."

There have been two (I repeat, two) people who have tried to talk sense into Jon “I Know Nothing” Stark, and that was Arya and Sansa.

Clearly, Arya and Sansa weren’t impressed with Daenerys and flying dragons, and Jon should have listened to them. They may not have been able to foresee Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen, but their intuition told them something’s not right.

In a perfect world, we would have loved to see two of Game of Thrones’ strongest female characters coming together. But in the end, they had to clash. Sansa knew there was something up with Daenerys, and that meant sticking up for herself and her family no matter what.