Doom Patrol episode 14 preview: Mr. Nobody is somebody alright…


The second to last Doom Patrol episode, “Penultimate Patrol,” pits the team against Mr. Nobody, and things will get interesting.

The Doom Patrol has encountered their fair share of villains throughout their first season. Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is more menacing to gas stations and to General Immortus’ nefarious plots in the background than he is to our favorite family of heroes. However, the Bureau of Normalcy has proven to be a dangerous syndicate to the world about the neighboring dimensions. (After all, Danny the Street is a dimensional time-hopper.) With the fourteenth episode of Doom Patrol on the horizon, the team will figure out what makes Mr. Nobody one of the most terrifying villains.

Sure, Eric Morden has perfectly-timed jokes, charisma, and a legion of weird woodland creatures, but he has layers to his character. Beneath his almost endearing demeanor, he’s a terrible man with the ability to bring out the worst in anyone. His charm just distracts us from how vile and dangerous he truly is. With the impending Doom Patrol vs. Mr. Nobody standoff, we’ll figure out more of the layers that make Morden tick.

In episode 14, the Doom Patrol seeks out Mr. Nobody. What could possibly go wrong?

From the trailer, we can expect to see some tragedy from Mr. Nobody’s perspective. Judging by the teaser, we can expect a woeful rendition on what he wants us to know about his villainous origin stories… or at least what compelled him to turn to a Nazi to get his other-dimensional powers. Somehow, we’re not that empathetic for Morden, but we’re still interested to see how it all started and more of Mr. Nobody’s backstory in a live-action format.

As with anything Doom Patrol-related, the team’s plan to confront Morden doesn’t go as planned. After all, their state in the first half of the trailer seems very similar to the original Doom Patrol’s encounter with Morden in “Doom Patrol Patrol.” Hopefully, there will be less cannibalistic side effects this time around.

Judging by Victor’s cameo and the background featurette of a nonbinary flag (when Flex is hugging the inflatable noodle), we’ll likely see Cyborg and Danny the Street help the rest of the team as well. We’re not saying that the Doom Patrol is stronger because they act as a family unit, but that’s definitely what we’re hinting at, so Morden should be scared… once they figure out how to escape his sanity-sapping tricks.

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However, we’re ready to join the fight to defend Cliff because nobody insults Robotman and gets away with it. Except for Hammerhead, of course. We’re not sure which is more heinous: Robotman slander, Mr. Nobody’s typical shenanigans, or the fact that the time of “Penultimate Patrol” reminds us this is the second to last episode of the first season and DC Universe still hasn’t confirmed season 2.

(Come on DCU, gives us what we want: More Doom Patrol!)