Doom Patrol episode 8 preview: Meet Danny the…who?


Doom Patrol’s new episode, “Danny Patrol,” will introduce a new comic book character as the team explores identity, queerness, and every avenue in between.

Last week’s episode of Doom Patrol deviated from the storytelling strategy to divide and conquer. With all of the team members in one room, they still managed to find a foe. The team still needs to help Cliff after Admiral Whisker’s revenge; however, this week’s episode will take a different approach beyond Cliff’s physical wellbeing. As expected, the new episode introduces a new level of comic book inspiration, a new character, and identity-focused exploration arcs.

While Doom Patrol has a proclivity for creating incorporating wildlife into its show and plot, episode 8, “Danny Patrol,” will introduce a new character: The Street… Danny the Street. (Or Danny the Brick, Danny the World, or whatever and whoever Danny wants to be.)

Granted, there’s a lot to dissect from the trailer alone.

The oddities on this DC Universe show are about to become even more peculiar with the latest addition to the show, and potentially the team. As a genderqueer, sentient street, Danny is both a young hero and a living location. Seeing as Danny has both been a member of the titular team in the comics and an abode for the perpetually strange family, the series could introduce Danny as a series regular (and we already hope so).

We don’t want to give too much away about Danny’s abilities, but we’ll likely see into Danny’s world in episode 8. By the way, we mean that in a literal sense. Apart from the ongoing character development with Rita, Cliff, Jane, Victor, and Larry, “Danny Patrol” is going to be a Danny-focused episode, the team could be teleported to Danny World and unearth some new comic parallelism in the process.

After all, the team has had to help Danny defend Danny World from the Vectra and other antagonists in the past. Seeing as this week’s episode will introduce a new hero, we can also expect to see a new and complementary antagonist this episode. Since the scenery in the trailer appears different, we can also assume our favorite main characters have already been transplanted into Danny World.

Aside from Danny’s formal introductions on the show, this week’s episode will also focus on Larry. Judging by his joyous chorus in the trailer, we think he needed some character-focused spotlight. We hope the rest of the team joins Larry on this journey.

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Like the past episodes, we’re sure Doom Patrol episode 8 will delve into enough character conflict and evolution for the entire team, but Danny the Street takes priority this episode. If he’s coming to the Doom Patrol for help, then he really needs the backup.