Killing Eve season 2 episode 6 live stream: Watch online


The brand-new season of Killing Eve continues this Sunday. Here’s everything you need to know to watch “I Hope You Like Missionary!” online and not miss a minute.

Last week’s episode of Killing Eve brought big changes that will likely completely alter the trajectory of the series going forward.

Our two leading ladies finally came face to face once more, as Eve recruited Villanelle to help get information out of The Ghost, this season’s other seemingly unstoppable lady assassin. Villanelle also introduced herself to Niko as his wife’s newest colleague, blowing up Eve’s spot about her trip to Paris – and subsequent stabbing of her nemesis – in the process.

So… that’s kind of a lot.

“I Hope You Like Missionary,” therefore has a lot to deal with. What’s next in the Peele case now that we know Aaron killed his father? Will the show actually address the fact that MI-6 seems to be quite happy working with – and not arresting – a known killer? And will Niko tell his wife about Villanelle’s surprise visit?

Well, we do know one thing for sure. The official synopsis pretty much guarantees that this episode will finally deal with the Polastri’s marriage problems.

"The point of no return. Villanelle uses her unrivaled infiltration skills to immerse herself in the world of an ew target. Their relationship on the rocks, Eve and Niko confront each other about their future."

But what of Villanelle? Well, it certainly looks as though she’s really leaning into her new role as an MI-6…contractor? Freelance operative? Spy?

It’s hard to really know what Villanelle’s role will be now that she’s – well, sort of – changed sides, or how the rest of Eve’s team will react to the fact that their latest coworker is an internationally recognized serial killer.

(Someone, like, has to mention that fact, right?)

And, of course, it also seems safe to wonder what Villanelle’s real motives are here. No matter how much she likes Eve, is that really enough to make her leave a life of murder and mayhem behind?

This trailer also reveals there are only three episodes left until the end of the season, something that’s much scarier than anything Villanelle might do this week.

Here are all the details you need to watch Killing Eve tonight:

"Date: Sunday, May 12Start Time:  8 p.m. ETEpisode: “I Hope You Like Missionary!”TV Channel: BBC AmericaLive Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on BBC America’s website or app."

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Killing Eve airs Sunday, May 12 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America.