32 nerdy Mother’s Day gifts that will have your mom absolutely fangirling

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Nerdy Bangles. Image via AdelineQuinnCo/Etsy.com.

Mother’s Day quickly approaches, and we know you want the perfect gift – even if your mom is hard to buy for. Buy this fandom swag for moms on Mother’s Day.

Have a mom that’s a giant fan of something? You’ve come to the right place to find the perfect gift for the mother who has very specific (if not rabid) tastes. Whether she’s super into Game of Thrones or Gilmore Girls, you can find something she’ll love from this list of fandom swag.

Game of Thrones

Practically everyone you know is talking about Game of Thrones these days. These cool (and timely) Game of Thrones-related gifts are sure to be real crowd-pleasers, and if your mother loves it as much as the rest of the world, then you’re in luck. These are super fun.

Not Today Game of Thrones Fan Gift Coffee Mug. Image via PaisleyMoonGifts/


Not Today Game of Thrones mug

What mom doesn’t want to channel Arya Stark with this “Not Today” coffee mug. It can serve as both an homage to our favorite hero of Winterfell and a warning to those trying her motherly patience.


Needle, Sword of Arya Stark. Image via valyriansteel.com.

Needle, Sword of Arya Stark

Your mom will definitely need more Arya swag since Arya has been the real MVP during this final season. Mom can hang this Needle replica on her wall, or do a little sword-play in the backyard.


Night King Candle from Game of Thrones. Image via shop.hbo.com.

Night King Candle

The night may be long and full of terrors, but this Night King Candle can help our mothers fend off the darkness.