Game of Thrones: Will Arya and the Hound defeat Cersei together?


This week’s episode of Game of Thrones shows two of our favorite characters back on the road together. With Arya and the Hound both headed to King’s Landing, will the two of them take down Cersei together?

“The Last of the Starks” is full of satisfying character reunions following the Battle of Winterfell, as well as a few heartbreaking farewells between beloved characters. But one of the greatest things this week’s episode of Game of Thrones does is place Arya and the Hound back on the road together—and this time, the two of them are headed toward King’s Landing.

Arya’s obvious intention for leaving Winterfell is to cross the final name off of her list. With Melisandre’s prediction insisting that she’ll kill someone with green eyes, it’s seeming more and more likely that she’ll be the one to take Cersei down in the end. And although the Hound doesn’t divulge why he’s going back to the capital, it’s probable that he’s planning on facing his brother. Cleganebowl might actually happen this season after all.

Given the fact that the Mountain seems to be by Cersei’s side at all times, Arya and the Hound might just wind up teaming up to dethrone the queen. The Mountain would be Arya’s only obstacle to killing Cersei, but with the Hound distracting him, Arya can easily avenge her father—and affirm her position as biggest bad*ss in Westeros.

Season 8 has been full of amazing moments between Arya and the Hound, but it looks like viewers are going to have a few more of those before the series comes to a close. Even with two episodes left, the two of them are bound to have some fun interactions on the way to King’s Landing—and if they do manage to get close to Cersei and the Mountain, we’ll get even more memorable scenes between them. Let’s just hope Sandor doesn’t wind up sacrificing himself for Arya in the end. After the Battle of Winterfell, we could definitely see it happening.

But, hey, who knows? Maybe they’ll both emerge triumphant and go on to have more bromance-worthy adventures. That’s a spinoff most Game of Thrones fans would pay good money to see.

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