Doom Patrol season 1 episode 11 live stream: Watch online


Doom Patrol episode 11, “Frances Patrol” is about reconnecting with old loved ones and meeting some new potential friends. Don’t worry: The episode isn’t without conflict though.

Last week we met the worst villain in Doom Patrol lore, as well as a completely new character. Although this week’s episode probably won’t give us a grand meet and greet with Slava and the members of the Doom Patrol, episode 11 will introduce another character on the show. Beyond a new cameo, “Frances Patrol” focuses on the team’s past relationships amid their new ones.

There’s only about a month left of our Doom Patrol season 1 viewing pleasure. We’re already trying to find ways to cope with our life without new episode every week. Instead, we’re reminiscing on everything this band of weirdos has accomplished since the first episode debuted. In one episode alone, they’ve stopped the apocalypse, started a cult in the process, uh and teamed up with the Chief’s kidnapped (Mr. Nobody) to do so.

Needless to say, the team has come a long way. As the Warner Bros. Television synopsis for Doom Patrol “Francis Patrol” suggests, the Doom Patrol could add a few more personal feats to their growing collect this week:

"While Larry pays a visit to his lost love, John – both in real life and in the Dreamscape – Cliff travels with Rita down to Gator Country to reconnect with his daughter, Clara, after 30 years.  Meanwhile, Jane and Vic pursue the “Hero of the Beach” aka Flex Mentallo.  But Vic’s worried that his operating system (Grid) might have its own agenda."

So, this is the episode we finally get to meet Flex Mentallo in live-action form. You know: The muscle man in comic book advertisements who’s also prone to amnesia. Aside from Flex’s DC Universe debut, episode 11 will expand its canon plot device to split up the team. This time instead of embarking on two separate missions in one episode, the team will undergo three separate journeys.

While we’re hoping Vic will figure out how to deal with Grid’s less than agreeable motives, we hoping that Cliff and Larry get the reunions they deserve. After all, Larry deserves to be with the love of his life, John, especially in real-life. Whereas, Cliff deserves to meet his daughter and to stop using his new body as an excuse not to make up for stolen time.

It seems the Doom Patrol might have taken an extended hiatus from there Niles Caulder search party. However, we think the team of heroes is better off without the Chief’s supposed mentorship. Regardless, we’re sure the team will uncover more ominous clues about Niles and his past this week amid their three-part adventure.

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol online:

"Date: Friday, April 26Release Time: 9 a.m. ETEpisode: “Frances Patrol”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episode of Doom Patrol, subscribe to DC Universe."

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Currently, the DC Universe Doom Patrol series is only available to U.S. subscribers, with new episodes airing every Friday. Come back to Culturess after you watch each episode for reviews and more!