Hasbro is releasing a new Lion King themed Monopoly set that plays music


With the live-action Lion King movie on the horizon, fans of the classic can celebrate with a beloved board game.

Do you love Monopoly? Are you a die-hard Lion King fan? Well now you can combine both of your loves thanks to Hasbro.

While The Lion King has been a part of a past version of Monopoly thanks to the animated Disney board that was released a few years back, Hasbro will release a new game to coincide with the live-action film.

That’s right, we are about to see the arrival of The Lion King Monopoly set courtesy of Hasbro. And this is no ordinary Monopoly game either. This board comes with your very own Pride Rock and it plays actual music from the movie!

Lion King Monopoly board. Image courtesy of Hasbro.

According to Insider, the game will first release in Walmart, before being released to other retailers in June. You and the rest of your pride can get the game just in time for The Lion King‘s 25th anniversary on April 22. The set costs $39.99, and is a perfect way to celebrate this iconic film’s anniversary.

While the board still features the iconic Jail, Go to Jail, and Go spots, the different properties are actually special moments from the animated movie, as well as landmarks that were important to the story. The Monopoly game pieces are characters from the film, done in what looks to be a gold tone.

Lion King Monopoly game piece. Image courtesy of Hasbro.

And if you are wondering where Pride Rock comes in, that is where you put the game cards that would typically in the Chance and Community Chest spots.

If you are anything like me, the big question is all about the money. And yes, all of the money is unique to this game as well.

While you still get colorful bills for each denomination, the Lion King Monopoly money features the silhouette of our leading lion, Simba, as seen on the animated movie’s merchandising materials.

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From the fully detailed box to the carefully crafted game pieces, this is one Monopoly set you will fall in love with as soon as you get your hands on it. The board and cards feature actual concept art from the animated movie, which will inspire your Lion King loving heart to want to break out the movie and watch while trying to be the ultimate Monopoly winner.

This is Disney magic in a box — and it’s a box you get to take home with you.