Saturday Night Live review: Emma Stone’s Jenny McCarthy debates vaccines on The View


Emma Stone returned to Saturday Night Live to host for the fourth time. She was joined by K-pop band BTS as the musical guest.

Mark this week’s Saturday Night Live as a momentous episode in the show’s history. First, Emma Stone returned to SNL to host for the fourth time. Granted, it’s not quite as momentous as the fifth time, but you’ll see how that gets handled in the monologue.

The real headliner for this week’s episode, though, was musical guest BTS, the K-pop band that’s had its fans excited since SNL first announced they would perform on the show. With Emma Stone, BTS, and another very special surprise guest appearing in the cold open, SNL had quite the good show on its hands — which is good, since we’ll have to wait a few weeks until the next episode.

Read on to see who was the special guest in this week’s cold open and to see three must-watch sketches that everyone’s talking about.

Cold Open

SNL opened with quite the unique cold open this week. Taking another break from its political staples, this cold open focused instead on the notable people who could be heading to prison. One of those included Lori Loughlin, which seems like SNL‘s second attempt at making fun of the college admissions scandal after their first sketch was cut for time.

There was also a surprise celebrity playing a bearded Julian Assange. As you watch the sketch, you might be squinting and looking beyond the disguise like me until you ask yourself, “Is that Michael Keaton?” Yes. Yes, it is.


When you host SNL five times, they pull out all the stops. When you host SNL four times, like Emma Stone… they pull off some last-minute celebrations. That was the concept for Stone’s monologue, and I’ll say it beats having the host ramble on for a few minutes about nothing to fill time. Of course, this was all scripted — but I enjoyed the idea of the cast coming up with some spur-of-the-moment celebration ideas for Stone.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update had two sets of characters on the show, per usual. One of those was the #CouplesGoals influencers who made a return, while the other was a young girl who has terribly mediocre vacation recommendations. Neither one of the guests really hit it out the park this week, but Bryant’s young character was relatable enough to be a little funny this time around.

Three must-see sketches

The View: Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines

There are so many great parts about this sketch, I barely know where to begin. Kate McKinnon as Joy Behar, the ladies of The View switching topics like its nothing, Emma Stone’s Jenny McCarthy getting all of her anti-vax facts from the internet… While it’s not a completely unique sketch idea, all around, this sketch was amazing.

Royal Baby Video

Prince Harry is back again, this time to record a video for the soon-to-be-here royal baby. Attending his party are people like James Corden, Ringo Starr and Prince William dressed as Freddie Mercury. The characters in this sketch bring tons of laughs, and I’m glad they found the perfect reason to do this Prince Harry sketch again.

Dorm Room Posters

I’m a big fan of giving creativity points to SNL sketches, regardless of how ridiculous they are. This week, those creativity points go to Dorm Room Posters — where dorm room posters come to life to help Pete Davidson’s character write an essay.

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Saturday Night Live will return on May 4 with their very own Adam Sandler as the host, and with Shawn Mendes as the musical guest.