Game of Thrones season 8: 5 last-minute Arya Stark predictions

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Maisie Williams as Arya Stark. Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO

Arya and Gendry will reunite

Now that Robert Baratheon’s handsome and illegitimate son Gendry is done rowing and running all over the seven kingdoms, maybe he can finally find his way back to Arya’s side. The two were BFFs – and maybe building to something more – through much of the show’s second and third seasons, but they haven’t seen each other since Gendry was sold to Melisandre by the Brotherhood without Banners.

It’s not even clear that Arya knows Gendry is still alive.

The most interesting part of a potential Arya/Gendry reunion is not the romantic aspect. (Although that is pretty appealing and honestly something Arya deserves before the show ends.) It’s that Gendry is one of the few characters who knows Arya from before she became a Faceless Man but after she left King’s Landing. He’s seen her at her lowest, and getting his take on the woman she’s become in the ensuing years would be extremely interesting to watch.

But mostly, it’s been so long since Arya’s had someone on her side – let alone a real friend – that it would be great to see her let down her guard a little bit. It’s been so long since we really knew what she was thinking, especially last season, when she wore a figurative mask for so much of the time as part of her plotting with Sansa. Seeing the real, genuine Arya again before the end is a must for season 8.