Game of Thrones season 8: 5 last-minute Arya Stark predictions

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Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Arya will see Nymeria again

For the children of House Stark, their connections to their direwolves are beyond important. And only two of the animals still survive – Jon Snow’s Ghost, who we assume is somewhere in the North awaiting his master’s return, and Nymeria, Arya’s wolf that had to be driven off after she attacked Prince Joffrey back in season 1.

After that tragedy – which resulted in the death of Sansa’s wolf instead – neither we nor Arya saw Nymeria again for a long time. The two came face to face once more in season 7, which revealed that the wolf was somewhere in the woods of the North, leading her own pack. And while Nymeria protected her former mistress at the time, the animal also didn’t seem super friendly, nor would she go back to Winterfell with her. That…feels like an exceptionally unsatisfying way to conclude that particular story.

Therefore, it seems quite probable that Nymeria still has a role to play in all this. Somehow. Yes, season 7 implies that Nymeria has moved on from her Stark family and made a new life in the wild, but I think we know that’s unlikely to be the end of the tale. How fitting would it be to see one of the last Stark direwolves show up to help her mistress during the battle for Winterfell? To see Arya and Nymeria fight together before something horrible inevitably happens? Sign us up.