Star Wars Celebration Chicago: Hasbro will let you play as Luke Skywalker with new helmet


Star Wars x Hasbro at Star Wars Celebration Chicago saved the best for last with a new Black Series Roleplay Helmet announcement.

Hasbro has had a handle on Star Wars figures for quite some time, but with the expansion of the Black Series and new waves to announce, the toy company had a packed panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. But although the crowd was ready and waiting for all the announcements, the last one was impressive … most impressive.

(No, it’s not a Darth Vader helmet.)

What it is, however, is a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Helmet for the Roleplay series. As described at the panel, it does come with the padding you’ll find so familiar, and it looks appropriately worn and torn, as it does on screen. Additionally, there are three surround sound speakers and working lights for a full experience.

The lights, in particular, will simulate explosions and shots. Additionally, there are two play modes. Of course, the Death Star trench run is included. However, Hasbro has also added in the Hoth snowspeeder piloting as a second play mode.

No confirmations were made as to when this will be available, but it should launch sometime in 2019. Summer 2019 will also be a great time for Black Series collectors, as the new waves — including the fan-vote winning Empire Strikes Back Luke on Dagobah — will become available.

It also sees the launch of Galaxy’s Edge, which will have three exclusives packs of figures. The first is The First Order, which includes Kylo Ren, Commander Pyre, a new Mountain Trooper, and the MSE Droid. The second announced was the Droid Depot pack, including an extant R2-D2, a newly articulated (and more accurate) C-3PO, an also more accurate BB-8, and Star Tours’ R3X, rebranded as DJ R3X. Finally is the Smugglers’ Run pack, which has Jedi training Rey, Chewbacca, two porgs (one sad, one yelling), and Hondo, an animation favorite.

Finally, San Diego Comic-Con attendees have three great exclusives. First is the prototype Darth Vader, assembled from six colors in a random arrangement for a trippy-looking Sith Lord. Second, 1979 Boba Fett is making a comeback, based on his actual first appearance, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Finally, a Luke Skywalker three-pack will include him in his stormtrooper disguise, as Red Five, and finally as a Jedi Knight. The final two will make it to other cons, but it seems like Darth Vader is exclusive to SDCC only.

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Stay tuned for more from Star Wars Celebration Chicago!