Shazam end-credits scene makes sure Aquaman is not forgotten


Shazam’s final scene is a lighthearted look at even more power tests for our hero, while also giving Aquaman his due as well.

Throughout Shazam, audiences were reminded that this is a superhero movie living within the world of the greater DC Extended Universe. Not only were there references to characters such as Batman and Wonder Woman, but it is clear that the timeline for the movie is set after the events of Justice League.

However, while we may have been given glimpses of the greater DCEU throughout the film, there was one hero that seemed to have been forgotten. The one hero that never really got a mention was Aquaman, that is of course, until the very last scene at the end of the credits.

What I love about end-credits scenes are how much fun and irreverent they can be. We aren’t meant to take them all that seriously, and they are just a bit of fluff to add to the story, without being a necessity for people who can’t make it until the very end of the credits. And luckily for us, Shazam knew what they were doing with this scene.

Not only does Shazam‘s end-credits scene give us a new look at Billy Batson doing his power tests, but it also makes clear Aquaman hasn’t been forgotten. In this final scene, Shazam is trying to hold a conversation with a goldfish, and if that isn’t a light bit of fun directed at Aquaman, we don’t know what is.

This is a test that lets Shazam know how his powers measure up to Aquaman’s, and during the test, our favorite fanboy Freddy can be seen wearing an Aquaman t-shirt. Basically, this is like the ultimate ode to our favorite oceanic hero.

Overall, the end-credit scene was a lighthearted and well-meaning joke that reminds us that even though we have a lot of respect for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, we can still have a little fun with the character.

Honestly, my hope is that we actually get to see Aquaman and Shazam teaming up in the future. These two heroes together is like a dream duo, and that is saying something considering how much I loved seeing The Flash and Aquaman together.

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I wouldn’t say that this end-credits scene adds a lot to the storyline, but it does give us proof that there were a lot of tests that Shazam had to go through in order to learn more about his powers. It was also a great way to tease the possibility of these two heroes coming together in the future. Essentially, this was a palate cleanser for the film, and gave us a fun note to walk out of the theater on.