Shazam is more than a story about a superhero, it’s about family


With Shazam getting ready to hit theaters on April 5, audiences are about to be introduced to an entirely new superhero and set of characters. But what do you know about this comic and hero?

We all know that Shazam is a superhero movie within the DC Extended Universe, but do you know about the history of the comics and this hero? There are a lot of reasons why it is exciting that the DCEU decided to give us a Shazam movie before a hero like The Flash or Cyborg. One of the biggest reasons might be the fact that this is a story that goes beyond the typical superhero fare.

Perhaps what makes Shazam so different from other superhero stories and comics is the fact that at its core the story has always been about family. It’s less about being a superhero and more about finding where you belong and the people who will support you. And sure, there is the excitement of getting powers and learning how to use them, but there is more to the story than this (even if we are excited to see this, too).

While we already know that there have been changes to the story of Shazam from the original comics, even when the series first began in 1939, family was important.

It is important to note that originally, the character went by the name of Captain Marvel because in the comics, Billy Batson and his family were known as the Marvel family. In fact, the Marvel family was central to many of the superhero stories of the early comics. From Billy to his sister and their friend Freddy, each member of the family was important in some way. The fact that there were other members of this family is important, because some of these characters had powers as well.

In the new movie, there have been some changes to Billy Batson’s backstory, particularly in the fact that he is a foster kid looking for a family (there are versions of the comics in which Billy is a foster child, and others where he at least has a twin sister). But, at the same time, the core of the story remains very much the same no matter how the backstory changes. Basically, the core of Shazam is family. It is something the comics did well, and we expect the movie will as well.

At the heart of Shazam is the idea of finding who you are, accepting yourself, and being a part of a family. While other superhero movies might touch on family in some ways, it is rarely so central to the story and the character’s progression. However, family is what makes Shazam so special and unique.

What has made the DCEU so unique is the fact that, at the core of many of the stories, it is not about saving the world (although that happens), but instead it is about figuring out who each hero is. The stories have given us family and destiny in equal measure.

All it takes is looking at Aquaman to see how the DCEU decided to focus less on the character being a superhero, and more on his journey to accepting his destiny as a leader for his people. It was about honoring his family while also realizing that there is more to life than just sticking one’s head in the sand.

If you really think about it, Aquaman was about family in many ways, too. After all, King Orm was Arthur Curry’s half-brother. And even though they were going against each other, there were still moments when it was clear that they didn’t necessarily want to go head-to-head.

Then we had Wonder Woman, which was about Diana’s journey. She left her family behind in order to find her place in the world. And ultimately, she found a new family away from her own, one born of a desire to protect the world. Diana may have left her family behind, but they were always in her heart and helped influence the things that she did as a hero.

While we still have to see Shazam in action to see how the story unfolds, we know enough to confirm that once again, this is a story about family. From finding a new family to accepting what that means, Billy Batson has a journey ahead of him that is not just about becoming a superhero; it is about learning how to accept the support of the people who want to be in your life.

And thanks to our interview with Marta Milans, we know that family is a major aspect of the story, and her character, Mama Rosa, is all a part of this. While Billy may want to try to push people away to protect himself, this is a family that won’t be so easily dismissed. Instead, they will fight alongside him and give him the support he needs. And ultimately, this will likely make him the kind of superhero we all want to root for, because he will know that there are people in this world worth fighting for.

When the comics were first created, it was about giving the world a new take on Superman. And considering the Man of Steel’s own family bonds and willingness to give his all to save the world, Shazam always had a lot to live up to. And over the years, it feels like Shazam has certainly lived up to his legacy.

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I can’t wait for April 5, not only to see the movie for myself, but because I can’t wait for a whole new audience to be introduced to these characters. Billy, Freddy, and the rest of these characters are so unique and fun, and I think their story is going to be unforgettable.