15 of the most adorable pet acts on America’s Got Talent you have to see

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America’s Got Talent is filled with all kinds of great acts, but the pet acts are one of our favorites. Here’s a roundup of the best acts from our furry friends.

When we think of America’s Got Talent, our first thoughts drift toward singers, dancers, musicians, and magicians. For the most part, the AGT stage has been filled with common acts like these, and the performers are most certainly human — but what about our furry or feathery friends that have also made their debut on the stage?

It’s not very often that the audience and the judges get to see these creatures in action, but when they do, there’s something to be talked about. Some of these feats that the animals complete are hard enough for humans to execute. A non-human being that accomplishes such talents makes the routine even more special.

Think about how many viral videos are put out into the world every day that involve cats playing the piano or dogs being the silly little creatures that we know and love. Why do we love these videos of animals doing human things? The answer is simple: because they’re entertaining and unique. We’re so drawn to these videos and wonder how we could get our dog to do the same things that these other animals have done. We recognize the hard work that owners and trainers must have done in order to teach their pets something that goes above and beyond the normal commands like sit, stay, and roll over.

From dog acrobatics to parrots that can sing small snippets of songs, animal tricks have gone to so many lengths to push the boundaries of how we distinguish between what is possible and what is seemingly improbable. Who knew that these little ones had it in them to learn as much as they do? We’ve gathered 15 different pet acts from America’s Got Talent that have caught our eye and are a must-watch. Check them out!