15 of the most adorable pet acts on America’s Got Talent you have to see

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Echo the Parrot

While talking parrots aren’t considered uncommon to us nowadays, we still found that this first America’s Got Talent pet act was pretty incredible. 15-year-old Echo the Parrot was on season 6 of the show. His trainer, Sarah Hoeft brought him on stage and stunned the crowd with his intelligence and ability to follow certain commands.

Echo did everything from speaking another language, to singing, and doing impressions of other animals. The talented parrot received a standing ovation from the audience and impressed the judges who sent the pair on to the next round.

In the next round, Echo followed similar commands in his audition. From his very first act, this bird caught the people’s eye, and his performance was so good that it got him through to the quarterfinals. He performed a couple of songs and even did an impressive impression of a telephone ringing. Unfortunately, Echo and Hoeft did not get enough votes to make it through to the Semifinals which, would have landed them in the top five. They were ultimately eliminated and sent home from the competition. Nevertheless, we still loved his performance and thought that he was an adorable and very intelligent parrot. Great job, Echo!