19 most dramatic and over-the-top Disney villains

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Scar — The Lion King

There is quite a well-shared post that goes round social media occasionally. It argues Scar was actually unfairly maligned in The Lion King, and what we’re seeing in the film is Pride Rock propaganda.

In fairness, one could say that his main goal seemed to be uniting the hyenas and lions so that they may live together in mutually beneficial harmony. To be fair, it is unclear why the hyenas have been banished. After all, do they not deserve to participate in the great Circle of Life too?

However, when it comes down to it, Scar’s reputation is sullied by his own actions.  What he did to Mufasa — murdering him and in turn traumatizing millions of children worldwide — cannot be forgiven. He made a dog cry on the internet! It’s too much!

Plus his relationship with the hyenas does not seem to be based on any sort of respect or desire for them to succeed. Rather, it’s more down to their usefulness in helping him succeed instead. So that theory falls somewhat flat anyway.

But whether he is a misunderstood regicidal megalomaniac (instead of just a normal plain regicidal megalomaniac) or not, there’s one thing he quite obviously is: a drama queen.

No wonder the Pridelands are so dry when Scar is in charge. Not a drop of moisture can be found in his tone when he drags his family members to their faces. He may not be the king of Pride Rock (don’t mention it, he’s very tetchy), but he’s certainly the king of sarcasm and withering put downs.

One might say Mufasa gets brutally murdered before he gets in fact brutally murdered. Remember when Scar called him stupid to his face? Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

Also Scar is responsible for the possibly the best use of the word “sordid” ever committed to song. In fact, his big villain number is so extra that his voice actor Jeremy Irons blew out his voice during the big growly bit (a technical term), and had to be replaced for the end of the song.

Method acting.