19 most dramatic and over-the-top Disney villains

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Sharpay Evans — High School Musical

“Does High School Musical count?” I hear you ask.

Of course it does! It is a Disney classic, and as such, it has an iconic villain: the inimitable (though we try) Sharpay Evans.

Like many villains on this list, Sharpay is perhaps just misunderstood. She just really, really wants to do her best in the school show. Troy and Gabriella show up, nasal and unrehearsed, and Sharpay refuses to lose the role that is rightfully hers because suddenly basketball and math aren’t enough for these sloppy joes.

True villain or not, however, that this is the drive behind her undoubtedly scheming ways is what makes her one of the most dramatic Disney characters. We all know East High doesn’t deserve Sharpay or her extensive talents, and honestly, the minute she makes it to Juillard, she’ll realize that too. Until then, she will fight tooth and nail to get the leading role she has worked for her entire life. It’s high school, babe. You’ve got time.

Regardless, let us examine her exact methods of causing chaos among the scholastic theater community.

First, she genuinely just does the absolute most in her audition (easy to do when you’re Sharpay Evans, but still, this is supposed to be a meritocracy), only to be pipped at the post by two symmetrically-faced newcomers. Refusing to back down and acquiesce to these baby-faced amateurs, she uses her well-honed powers of persuasion and carefully constructs a timetabling issue. What an absolute mastermind.

Sharpay may not be an out and out villain, but she’s certainly dramatic, in every sense of the word. We’re sure somewhere (presumably on Broadway) she’s extremely proud of her inclusion on this list. We’ll look out for a pink Prada tote in the mail.