20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Nirvana – “Heart Shaped Box”

Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain had a short but turbulent relationship with Courtney Love, who he was married to at the time of his death. While their relationship may have been tumultuous, that is not to say the couple didn’t love each other and find inspiration in one another.

In fact, it is a known fact that these two were often inspired by each other and would use this to create different songs. And one of those songs is “Heart Shaped Box.”

While Cobain may not have confirmed this prior to his death, Love has had no problem sharing the meaning of this song on social media. In a tweet to Lana Del Rey, the singer had no issue with sharing that “Heart Shaped Box” was a euphemism for her private parts. (With the way that Courtney Love shared this information with the world, it also makes us wonder if we should be singing this song out loud.)

Although this is definitely information we could have done without knowing, it also gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics.

And considering the second and third lines of the song are, “I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks. I’ve been drawn into your magnetar pit trap trap,” we aren’t sure if we really want to do a deep dive into the meaning of this song. Instead, we are just going to appreciate the fact that Kurt Cobain was inspired to craft songs based on his wife and leave it at that.