20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl”

When it comes to famous feuds between celebrities, we can’t forget the one between Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love. In fact, this feud led to Stefani releasing “Hollaback Girl” as a response to Love calling her a cheerleader.

Apparently the story is that Love thinks that Stefani’s fame is like those girls in high school who were popular because they were cheerleaders. Even though “Hollaback Girl” is clearly Gwen Stefani’s response to Courtney Love, that doesn’t mean Love stopped there. Even after the musical response, Love continued to take shots at the singer and her abilities and overall fame.

As part of her response to the whole fame thing and being called a cheerleader, Stefani chose to have some fun with her music. In the song, not only does Stefani pretend to be a cheerleader and even spell out the word bananas, but she also makes it clear that she is not a “Hollaback Girl.”

Honestly, this is one of those feuds between celebrities that makes little sense (not that many of them really do), but at least it gave us this catchy tune to appreciate. Considering this song is still well-known we have to think Love was wrong in her assessment of Stefani.

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When it comes to celebrities inspiring musicians, we love learning more about the songs we sing and jam out to on the radio. Learning that one of our favorite songs is actually inspired by another famous person can make a song even better or it can have us wondering what they were thinking. Either way, we love knowing the story behind some of these famous songs.