20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Ariana Grande – “Thank U Next”

Unsurprisingly, Ariana Grande’s “thank u next” is about all of her exes. When we say all, we mean it. We don’t even have to talk to the singer to know the inspiration behind the track as it is all there in the lyrics, as she goes down the list of her exes.

From Pete Davidson and Mac Miller to Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez, the entire song is her thank you letter to them, even as she used the single as a way to move on after all of the drama and even heartbreak. Of course, the fact that there were other versions of this song that were written when it was unclear if she would be getting back together with Davidson does have us wondering what those tracks would have sounded like.

However, it doesn’t matter about the songs that never materialized. Instead, we have “thank u next” which almost immediately became an iconic song. Based on the fact that she had multiple versions of the song all dependent on how her relationship with Pete Davidson played out, it sees pretty clear that he was the initial inspiration for the track and as she began writing it, the rest of her exes helped to bring it all together.

We can’t help but appreciate the fact that this entire song is a thank you note to the people who have helped her grow and mature, even if they happen to be her exes. In fact, we think it is a beautiful thing to acknowledge the relationships that help define us and who we are.