20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Taylor Swift – “Bad Blood”

As we have already discussed, Taylor Swift has no problem taking inspiration for her music from the relationships that she has. But the singer does not just stick to her romantic pairings. In fact, some of her music is inspired by other celebrities (whether good or bad).

One such song is “Bad Blood” which is inspired by her feud with Katy Perry. The title of the song is actually quite literal, as there really is bad blood between these two singers.

Over the years, there has been a semi-public feud waging between Perry and Swift. Both singers have chosen to use music to get their messages across. As fans of both singers, this means more music which we appreciate, even if it does come at the expensive (no names are actually used so this might be a bit of a dramatic word choice) of someone we like.

While Taylor Swift has not named names, during an interview about “Bad Blood” the singer did elaborate on the situation as she made it clear it was about a rival pop star who had tried to ruin one of her tours by hiring people out from under her. Considering around the same time, Perry hired three of Swift’s back up dancers from the Red tour, leading to a war of words on social media and in the actual media (still without using names), there looks to be enough evidence to support the inspiration theory.

Whether or not there will ever be real confirmation of which pop star Taylor Swift was singing about, there seems to be plenty of evidence backing up the theory that the bad blood refers to Katy Perry. With these two still not over their issues, we wouldn’t be surprised if new songs eventually popped up as well.