20 songs that were inspired by famous people

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Paul Simon – “Hearts and Bones”

Paul Simon was once married to Carrie Fisher, who was inspiring all on her own merit. Thus it makes perfect sense that she might be an inspiration to someone she was married to.

There were actually a few different songs that Paul Simon wrote about his ex-wife, although the one that Fisher herself spoke about in her autobiography was “Hearts and Bones.” While the actress may have pointed to the line about being half Jewish (which Fisher was), we admit that we look at these words as being the most likely to represent their relationship, “Looking back through the cracks in the door, two people were married. The act was outrageous. The bride was contagious.”

Of course there is at least one other song that the actress also admitted was written by Simon about her, called “Wishful Drinking.” But for us, it is “Hearts and Bones” that really calls to us as being an excellent representation of a song inspired by celebrity.

Any time a song is inspired by a relationship, such as a love story, we find ourselves even more invested in the music and the story it is telling, especially when it revolves around our favorite celebrities. And of course, any time the inspiration for something is a legend like Carrie Fisher, we have to know all about it. She is an icon for so many of us that learning that multiple songs were written about her makes us happy and sad in equal measure.